Get your TG merch at The Gathering Shop

If you need a break from all the gaming, why not take a trip to The Gathering shop? You can find it on the south end of the ship.

All items in the shop are now sold for heavily discounted prices

“What can I buy there?” You ask. Well, they have sportbags and backpacks, if you need something to carry all your energy drinks with so you don't tire your arms and that way you can play much more when you get back.

If you're tired of the clothes you brought they also have piquets and t-shirts. And for those of you attending Nerdswin you will need some towels, bathing slippers and boxersshorts. If you're going out in the cold, be sure to buy one of the awesome TG hoodies, they only cost 350 NOK. PS: It's only a limited amout of the hoodies so be quick!

The store closes at 22:00 Saturday night
You can pay with both cash and credit card.

See you there!