Welcome Miu to the stage

Tonight at 21:30, Miu will enter the stage. He will bring a spectacular show.

For the first time at The Gathering, Miu will play completely from his own repertoire. He feels confident that he will be able to satisfy the demanding TG crowd nonetheless.

- This year seems like a good place to do 100% Miu stuff. I have mentally prepared myself for this show for half a year. Completing the show have taken 3 to 4 months.

Miu at The Gathering in 2013
Photo by: Vetle Halvorsen

Even the videographics is completely done by himself and his team.

- We have thrown our self out on the deep end with video making. But by only using my own tracks, we got the opportunity to create our identity and therefore decided to make video as well. I am using plural here because I have several good backers that helps me out. We're a team"

So get in front of the stage at 21:30 and help Miu raise the roof! Not at The Gathering? Watch the whole concert at stream.