The Creative Gathering - wrapping up Friday

Yet another creative day is coming to an end. Here is a short recap of Friday.

The day started off with the release of the themes for the Fast Demo competition, in which the participants only have 8 hours to complete a demo related to the given themes.

Friday's first lecture was given by Kairi, who demonstrated photo editing specifically for cosplay photos. An hour later, June Jenssen gave a lecture on how to do digital painting in Photoshop.

At noon, participants who wanted to compete in the Freestyle Music, Useless Utility, Useful Utility, Remix, Small HTML, Rendered Graphics, MSPaint, and Handdrawn Graphics competitions had to hand in their work.

Foam workshop
Those wanting to try cosplaying had a great opportunity during the foam armor-workshop, a workshop teaching the attendees how to project, build, seal and paint foam armor. For those more who were more curious about the world of programming, an introductory lecture on the C language was given in the auditorium.

The next lecture was given by Simon McCallum, who told us about old school game programming, focusing on tips and techniques that are still relevant today.

We then had yet another workshop in the Creative Lounge, this time led by Kim Strandli. He showed us how a beginner can get started with 3D modelling using the 3D sculpting program ZBrush.

Compo show and meet & greet
Meet and greet with Miu
At 18:00 the time had finally come for another creative show at the Main Stage, this time in the form of a cosplay awards show. The show drew a huge audience as well as an impressive amount of viewers across the various streams.

Immediately after the cosplay awards show, we moved on to the competition shows for MS Paint, Remix, Rendered Graphics, Handdrawn Graphics and Freestyle Music. Remember to head over to the compo system to vote!

The day was rounded off with a meet and greet with Miu in the Creative Lounge.