Cosplay winners!

Photos of all participants can be found here!

The cosplay competition winners are revealed. You voted; here are the results

Photos of all participants can be found here!

We saw a lot of fantastic costumes on the stage earlier tonight, you can see the pictures here. After both the participants at TG and the jury had cast their vote, the results were in:

The winner is Miriam “Rawarhii” Johansen’s Death Knight from the Warcraft universe!

We had the pleasure of talking to her right after the award ceremony and this is what she said.

- It’s unbelievable. It’s impossible to describe, but I am extremely pleased right now. I’m very grateful for everyone who voted for me!

Of all the costumes you could’ve chosen, why did you choose a Death Knight?

- I really think Death Knights are awesome. This set in particular I feel is really nice and special because it’s different from all the other Death Knight sets.

You’ve spent much time playing World of Warcraft then, I presume?

- Definitely. Possibly too much, she says cheekily.

So, how much time did you spend crafting the costume?

- About four months!

Miriam tells us that she attended the contest last year as well, winning the beginner’s award.

Since you’re on such a good streak yourself, what would you tell aspiring cosplayers?

- Always believe in yourself, and start with something simple. Always work to improve yourself and your product!

List of winners:

Honorary mentions for their...

  • Props: Silje Mari Skarheim aka. SlemFisk for her Traditional Sejuani
  • Stage presence: Eirik Moldskred Hildre aka. SuperTeD for his Tibbers
  • Resemblance: Alf julius haug aka. alf949 for his Team Fortress engineer
  • Accessories: Norea Rognli for her Lady Galadriel


  • 4th place: Caroline Christensen aka. Carris for her Undead Priest in Tier 5
  • 3rd place: Julie Wiseth aka. PixelAngel for her Redeemed Riven
  • 2nd place: Jenny Nilsson aka. Bumbie for her Little Sister
  • 1st place: Miriam Johansen aka. Rawarhii for her Death Knight Tier 15

In addition to cash prizes, all the winners received tickets to Banzaicon. These tickets can be used either in a little less than a week, or at the next Banzaicon after that.

Photo gallery (all photos by Vetle Halvorsen):

Miriam Johansen, Rawarhii, Death Knight Tier 15
Jenny Nilsson, Bumbie, Little Sister
Julie Wiseth, PixelAngel, Redeemed Riven
Caroline Christensen, Carris, Undead Priest in Tier 5
Silje Mari Skarheim, SlemFisk, Traditional Sejuani
Eirik Moldskred Hildre, SuperTeD, Tibbers
Alf julius haug, alf949, engineer
Norea Rognli, Lady Galadriel
Award ceremony. From the left: 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place