Meet our cosplay mentor!

Time has come to announce our first international guest and cosplay mentor!

We are happy to welcome the winner of Eurocosplay Championships 2014: Kairi from Poland! She is a fully dedicated cosplayer who's been traveling to so many countries sharing her passion and love for cosplay to so many people, and now she's making her first visit to Norway! She's been to a big number of cosplay contests with several awards on her journeys, both as an individual and with various groups. Her costumes range from gaming to fantasy to Disney to many more.

Kairi will be a part of the jury that will be judging the cosplay competition on Friday the 3rd of April!

She will also be our cosplay mentor, which means that she will be sharing some of her experience and passion by holding workshops, lectures and just being available for a chat. She can give you tips and help you on your way becoming a cosplayer - whether you want to participate in big contests or not. Be sure to visit her in the Creative Lounge for some cosplay input and inspiration!

Check out more of Kairi's awesome work by visiting her Facebook page and her account at DeviantArt.

Also, if you are interested in cosplay, you are welcome join our cosplay group on Facebook - simply for more cosplay socializing before, during and after TG!