We're Sorry

We’ve been made aware of an incident that we feel the need to address.

It is clearly stated in the rules here at The Gathering that the use of airhorns and similar devices is prohibited. This includes everyone, and everyone associated with The Gathering and/or collaborators are expected to follow the rules and guidelines, just as any participant is.

We would like to accentuate that violating these rules will result in equipment being confiscated and in worst case scenario your access to the hall and The Gathering will be revoked.

We have found that VGTV has used such devices in one of their coverings of The Gathering, making fun of participants. Behaviour like this is not appreciated and not condoned by The Gathering.
Our participants should not feel treated differently due to being part of The Gathering, and should also not feel afraid or uncomfortable attending The Gathering.

We were not made aware of these events beforehand, and would have rejected the idea if so. We apologise for any discomfort these events have caused those involved.