Our cosplay guests and judges

Read more about all of our cosplay guests and judges!

Here are our invited cosplay guests that will be present at The Gathering. All of them will be judging our cosplay competition. They are all hand picked and are well known in the cosplay world. We have presented some of them before, but here is a wrap up!

Wirat aka Yoshplay
A dedicated cosplayer from Bergen in Norway who is a specialized prop maker that focuses on 3D and 3D printing. He is also a dedicated in-character cosplayer. He will be one of the judges for the cosplay competition. He will be present during the whole event.

Karin Olava
Karin from Norway is our sci-fi and costume enthusiast. She basically lives with a high passion for making detailed costumes and experimenting with special effects. She will also be one of the judges for the cosplay competition. She will be present at TG on Friday only!

Our cosplay mentor from Poland. She is a skilled cosplayer and have done numerous cosplays. She's also a cosplayer with vast experience in competing, as she showed by winning the EuroCosplay Championships final in 2014. She will be in the Creative Lounge throughout the event for helping out on basically everything that can be related to cosplay.

Last but not least, we have our cosplay host, all the way from USA! She will be hosting the cosplay shows as well as a panel or two. Toni is a girl who truly burns for cosplay, fitness, board games and also music. She is also known as being one of the first to gender bend the popular comics character Thor (in this case, making a female version of a male character). She will be present during the whole event!

So there you go! Be sure to check out our cosplay guests at TG! There will be possibilities to meet and greet the guests throughout the event, so take your chance to get yourself involved with cosplay, now that we have four brilliant cosplayers present at TG that can motivate you!

If you are planning to cosplay at TG, join our cosplay group on Facebook for more social fun with the cosplayers!