Check in now to prepare for The Gathering

Remember to check in before arriving at The Gathering. Here's a quick guide.


Tickets are digital and can be modified by the owner at any time. It is very important that it is your name on the ticket you are using. You can print out a proof of check-in with the ticket information at the time you completed the pre-check-in. You only need the proof of check-in and ID to gain access to The Gathering.

Pre-checkin can be done here.

In short: The ticket itself is digital in the sense that it only exists in Geekevents. The ticket's status in Geekevents decides whether it is valid or not.


If you are under 16 years old, you must bring the consent form, or scan and upload it to Geekevents.

Just like at the airport

To compare this with something you might be more experienced with, let's say you are at an airport:

Your proof of check-in is the reference number you have when you go to the check-in counter. When you check in you get a boarding pass, which in our case will be a bracelet you get when you arrive at
The Gathering.

If you go to the airport with a ticket which has been cancelled, you obviously won't be able to fly. Likewise, you won't be able to enter TG if your ticket has someone else's name on it, even if you have completed the pre-check-in.