Stay away from the black market!

The interest in acquiring tickets for The Gathering is higher than ever, but that doesn't come without any challenges. Some people have bought more tickets than they need and are selling them privately - for ludicrously high prices

We would like to remind everyone that and selling tickets for a price higher than the printed value is a violation of our terms of service and Norwegian law.

We have previously had to confiscate tickets from people who have openly tried to sell overpriced tickets, these incidents breaches our terms of service and Norwegian law.

All reports of black market sales are taken seriously, and tickets will be confiscated in obvious cases. We will also consider stricter actions, like filing a police report.

If you find yourself with too many tickets or are suddenly unable to attend, you can try selling your ticket(s) on

Please note that buying tickets from strangers is not without risk. The most important point is that the person who originally bought the ticket, the "owner", will remain in charge of the ticket, tickets cannot change owners, only users. This means that while the person you bought the ticket from can set you as the user of the ticket, they can also reverse this change easily. Because of this, we recommend that you are cautious when buying tickets from strangers.

If you witness requests to buy or sell tickets over the regular price (1260 NOK including Geekevents' ticket fee of 60,-), we ask that you contact us via telephone 22 69 69 00 or directly to the participants’ ombudsmen at