Extra prizes in the rendered graphics competition

We're handing out some amazing prizes this year!

It's our pleasure to announce that Pixologic™ has decided to sponsor this year's rendered graphics competitions at The Gathering 2015! In collaboration with them, we're giving away two full licenses for ZBrush® 4R7, the most powerful tool for digital sculpting in the creative industry. Each license is worth $795 (6250 NOK), and are not for resale.

One license will be awarded through a small competition during the "Sketching in 3D" workshop in the Creative Lounge, starting on Friday at 16:00. While the lecture will be about using ZBrush as a creative tool to explore ideas and concepts, the competition will be using the free sculpting tool Sculptris from Pixologic™.

For people who are new to digital sculpting, Sculptris is an ideal place to start with its easy to learn interface and simple feature set. This makes the competition suitable for all creative artists regardless of experience, so we encourage everyone interested to take the challenge. More details about this competition will be given during the workshop.

The other license will be awarded to a participant in the Rendered Graphics competition, but the lucky winner will be picked independently from the final results voted by The Gathering participants and jury.

The winners of both licenses will be decided by a separate jury, based on creativity and the use of form and shapes.

In addition to these licenses, we will also hand out a total of 10 000 NOK in cash to the winners!