Got an idea for next year's theme?

With The Gathering 2015 well under way we want to hear your ideas for next year’s theme!

Ever since the year 2000, each Gathering has had a certain theme, or tagline applied to it.
The theme has been inspired by just about everything from movies, music, technological phenomenons, and of course, video games. This includes TG15’s theme – The Future Is Back, inspired by the movie franchise ‘Back to the Future’.

Now we would like to hear your ideas! Do you have the perfect idea for TG16’s theme, or any other future Gathering? Now is your opportunity to influence us! Whether it’s just a tagline like "TG 2016 - We love the 90s”, or a full-fledged concept with detailed descriptions of the logo, music, profile, decorations etc.

To make your suggestions, please fill out this form. (in Norwegian)
Previous themes can be found here.

Be creative!