TG15’s Minecraft contests - a sneak peek

It’s about time you got a sneak peek at the Minecraft competition

This year we will challenge you with two different sets of contests.

Voxel Hero

Voxel Hero is a creative building contest with third party plugins making it easier to build even bigger, greater and outstanding buildings.

You can sign up as a single contestant or as a group with up to 5 members. Sign up at

Each contributor will get access to their own server on Thursday at 00:01, and you’ve got until Saturday at 00:01 to build something related to this years theme: The Future Is Back (inspired by the film Back To The Future).

Minecraft All-Stars

Patience and coordination will be put up to a test with this competition. Different minigames will define just how good you are at climbing, falling down, jumping and driving - amongst other things.

This is an individual contest with an overall victor, and you must complete all the minigames to submit your score. Sign up for this contest at

Here's some sneak peeks:

mariokart minecraft

Mario minecraft

Minecraft Hamar Olympic Hall

Minecraft AIM Map