Want to apply for Norways coolest job?

NRK is looking for the next big youtuber. What better place to look than The Gathering?

NRK has been wanting to do something new. Youtube and the gaming community in general is bursting with unused potential and creativity, potential that they want to share and make something out of it. They can't do it alone however - and that's where you come in.

At this years The Gathering, NRK will be looking for the next big youtuber. To do this, they're letting anyone who wishes to, create their own Let's Play at their stand - a mobile gaming studio. Consider this as an opportunity to apply for Norway's (and maybe the world's) coolest job. You don't have to be a skilled gamer to participate - it's not about finishing the game or getting the highest score.

It's about you.

Are you someone who loves YouTube, loves gaming and feel like you have something to say? Then you should record your Let's Play with NRK. It's about having fun, and if you're having fun and loving what you're doing - then whoever views your videos will also feel the same way.
If you're shy, you don't have to worry. Your recorded Let's Play will not be shown to anyone but the officials in NRK, and you even get a copy of your file to do with as you wish when you're finished.

When will they be here

NRK will only be at The Gathering Thursday 2. April 2015.
They'll be ready to welcome anyone who wants to enter their competition from 12:00.

This is where the lets plays will be recorded