The Creative Gathering: Wrapping up Wednesday

Our first day here at The Gathering is coming to an end. Here are some of today's highlights.

The Creative Gathering started with the release of the theme for Fast Game Dev ("time as a tool") and the problems for TGPC. Many participants have already started working on their contributions, but do not worry if you haven't started yet - you have until Saturday to submit your work.

A few hours later Nils gave us the first lecture of The Gathering 2015. In this very interesting lecture he gave us an introduction to Interaction Design, a field exploring the interaction between people and computers.

Our next lecture was given by Liam, who told us exactly what programming is, and how a beginner can get started.

The last event on Wednesday's creative schedule was a workshop led by Emil Sandstø. He showed us how quickly it is possible to get started with mobile game development by using state of the art development tools. One of the attendees showed an extraordinary interest and ability to learn, and was therefore awarded an NVIDIA Shield.

Remember that Pegboard Nerds will be available for a meet and greet in the Creative Lounge at 23:30 tonight!