Pegboard Nerds are ready to kick off The Gathering, are you?

Right before the show we asked them a few questions about the expectations, and they are huge.

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Alexander and Michael are the two guys from Norway and Denmark who play at all the big festivals in the states. We asked them about their expectations for TG15.

Alexander says that he has high expectations before the show, and that all the participants can expect an intensive show with a lots of energy.

– This is the second time we play at The Gathering and it’s awesome to be here. I’ve been here as a participant when I was 16 years old, but it definitely better to be here as Pegboard Nerds, Alexander says smiling.

The participants can expect a much better show than in 2013, and some surprises as well.

– I think there will be more energy and a more intense show than it was in 2013. The show is better and the participants can expect some unreleased songs. We like to surprise, Alexander says.

Pegboard Nerds have become bigger than they were in 2013, something Alexander and Michael is happy with.

– We have played a lot in the states on huge festivals like Ultra and TomorrowWorld. There has been a lot of traveling, we live in the airport, says Michael. – We've got more listeners, and for each record we grow and get bigger.

Alexander and Michael are ready to play and kick off The Gathering Wednesday night at 21.00, and they want to see you in front of the stage.