Humans of TG day 1

Everyday, during TG, we will present to you some of the people you can meet here in Hamar Olympic Hall. We ask participants and crew some questions to get them to tell us their experiences, memories and expectations around The Gathering.

Even Engen Hedin, 17 years old, been to TG for 5 years - participant
"My absolute best memory from TG was when a friend of mine brought these crazy big speakers and we got to try them out. When we turned them on my whole body was shaking from the bass. Sound is really important here on The Gathering. My first time here was with a day-pass to check it out, I was 12 years old at the time. We went to TG to participate in a lot of the competitions they organized, but sadly we didn’t win anything."
Mathilde TG
Mathilde Bruer, 21 years old, TG-virgin - paticipant
"This year on TG I expect a whole new positive experience. I've heard a lot of great things about the event so I'm looking forward to the rest of it. I'm also looking forward to just relaxing, playing games, do some streaming and chill with my friends. I'm travelling with a friend of mine that has been here 5-6 years but we are part of a group of people, because everyone knows someone else. But this is my first time here. We are sleeping at a hotel nearby, but today my friends have giving me strict orders to not sleep the first night, we've been awake since 05 this morning so it's going to be exciting to see if I can make it, I had to take a power nap a few hours ago. This is a very ideal Easter holiday when you are sick of trips to the cabin with your family. I hope I get a lot of new friends because I love getting to know new people, and at TG it's easy because most people in the gaming community are very nice people, and very open as well."
Mats Frøiland, 30 years old, been to TG for 14 years - Crew ombudsman
"One of my best memories from TG is the first time the lights went out. It was a huge experience for me. And also when a symphony orchestra played at the opening show. The best thing I've seen was a couple of guys who came with their own scaffolding, they had made three cubicles with their own sleeping areas on the second floor, and a lounge at the top floor. Creative competitions are always fun! The best thing about TG is to see all of the expectations, from both crew and participants, especially those who have never been to TG before. All of the years I've been here, both as participant and crew, has been really positive on the social, private and working level. Seeing those who are new, and at the same age I was, who can expect the same journey the next 15 years, is, without a doubt, the best thing at TG."