The Creative Gathering: Thursday

Today we have a schedule full of exciting events in the Creative Lounge.

The creative schedule for Thursday is packed with exciting events and we have compo shows, theme releases, deadlines and lectures lined up. Like yesterday we will be streaming the lectures, so you will be able to learn something new even if you can't physically attend.

11:00 Challenges about designing Multiplayer Games with Tim.
12:00 Introduction to AI with Illy.
12:00 Theme release for Fast Music, Fast Graphics and Small HTML.
12:00 Deadline for Photo, Themed Photo Manipulation, Ten Second Movie and Music Video.
13:00 Unity.
14:00 Shadertoy with Emil.
15:00 Punchy drums and fat layers - how to make a big sounding mix with Miu.
16:00 Deadline for Fast Graphics, Fast Music and Visual Effect.
16:00 3D graphics for Mobile VR.
17:00 Textmode art with Kim.
19:00 Competition show: Fast Graphics.
19:10 Competition show: Photo.
19:20 Competition show: Themed Photo Manipulation.
19:30 Competition show: Fast Music.
19:55 Competition show: Ten Second Movie.
20:00 Competition show: Visual Effects.
20:05 Competition Show: Music Video.

The lectures are held on the Creative Stage and the competition shows happen on the Main Stage. For detailed information see the schedule, check out the compo system or come visit our info desk in the southern end of the ship.