Fast Graphics, Fast Music and Small HTML announced

The details for the Fast Graphics, Fast Music and Small HTML competitions have been released!

Fast Graphics is a competition in which the participants are given themes and a color palette. They then have four hours to create a drawing related to the themes, which should be heavily influenced by the colors in the palette. For more information visit the competition page.

The themes for this year's Fast Graphics competition are: hoverboard, hologram and heroes, and you must base the image on the colors that you can find in this year's TG wallpaper and the three themes!

In the Fast Music competition the participants are given a small amount of chords. Based on these chords the participants create a track in four hours. More information can be found on the competition page.

The chords for this year's Fast Music competition are: Fmaj7 - G - Em - Am, and can be used in any order you like.

In the Small HTML competition the participants are given a browser-based demo effect. The goal is to re-create this effect using as few bytes as possible. Detailed rules and other information can be found at the competition page.

The effect that you are going to create with as few bytes as possible is located here!