Construction rules

Are you unsure if your construction will be approved? Please contact us by sending an email to konstruksjon@ or come talk to us on our forums.

Every year we get to see some great construction work from our lovely participants when they create shelves for use at their seats at The Gathering. One of the things we truly love to see is what great things you come up with each year. The Gathering 2015 will be no exception to this, however we've seen the need to revise some of the rules for constructions at The Gathering due to security and fire concerns.

Are you unsure if your construction will be approved? Please contact us by sending an email to konstruksjon@ or come talk to us on our forums.

As such, all constructions are to be built sturdy and with materials that are not easily flammable. Materials that are easily flammable, like plastic, cardboard and paper are not permitted as a part of the supporting structure of your construction. However, plastic etc. can be used as part of the decoration.

In addition, the following rules apply:

  • The construction can not surpass the width or depth of the seat you've been assigned. The maximum size of the construction is 80cm in width and 55cm in depth. In addition to this, the construction can not be of hinderance to power and network cables placed. If you and a friend build a shelf together, the construction can be 160cm in width and 55cm in depth (the width will expand based on how many you are, but the depth remains the same). These measurements are final.

  • Your construction can not be in conflict with the placement of our network switches placed on the tables around Vikingskipet. The switches will always be prioritized above your constructions, should a conflict arise.

  • Owners of constructions that extend more than 2m above the table are required to submit an application for special permission. Applications are sent by email to, and must include as much information as possible. Include a picture, blueprints (with measurements) and where the construction is to be placed (seats).

  • The Gathering 2015 will not under any circumstances allow constructions to be made between the tables where people walk. That means no superstructures. No exceptions.

  • You will not be able to nail and/or screw your constructions down or in any way make modifications to the tables that will ruin the structural integrity of the tables. You should not rely on having the possibility of securing your construction by attaching it to the table. The construction must be able to stand on its own.

  • If you add light switches, fans or anything similar, it should be done in a professional manner. In the case of obvious faults and/or poor implementations, orders can be given for dismantlement.

  • If the construction is placed between two pallets so that the table itself takes most of the weight, and might weaken the structural integrity, our security crew can demand that the table be reinforced.

  • All constructions that are approved will get a visible permit from our crew which you'll need to keep.

  • We encourage participants who bring audio equipment to keep these within a size so that they can be placed within the constructions. Please see the general rules for the event for guidelines regarding the size of such equipment. Please note: these rules are still being revised.

  • During the event, there will be held periodic checks of the constructions. You are asked to keep your permit easily accessible should you be asked by our crew.

  • Our Security crew can demand that a construction is rebuilt or in worst case scenario be removed, if they do not meet the requirements on this page.

  • No constructions are allowed in the Creative lounge.

We encourage all our participants that are thinking of building a shelf to keep this years theme in mind when decorating it for The Gathering 15.