The Creative Gathering

Since 1992, The Gathering has been an arena for prestigious demoscene competitions and a place to meet creative people from all over the world. The Gathering will continue the creative traditions in 2015. We will have a broad selection of creative competitions, seminars and social events for everyone who wants to use their computer for anything creative.

The Creative Lounge

We love our creative party-goers at The Gathering, which is why we've set aside a special area just for you: The Creative Lounge. This is a large and relaxed area where you can meet both new and old creative talents and gather to share knowledge, experience and compete for prizes and honour in our competitions.

You can also can find mentors in programming, graphics and music production in the Creative Lounge every day during The Gathering. The mentors can provide you with assistance regardless of your level of skill, whether you are a beginner or experienced. Talking to mentors is a great way to get introduced to the creative environment at The Gathering.

A Creative ticket gives you access to seating in this area. See the ticket information page. If you already have a normal ticket, but you'd like to be seated in the lounge, be sure to email demo at gathering dot org today and have your ticket converted.

Everyone is of course welcome to visit the Creative Lounge for seminars or a friendly chat, even if you haven't bought a Creative ticket. All seminars, competitions and other events in the Creative Lounge are open for all participants, regardless of what kind of ticket you have or where you are seated.

Creative Competitions

The annual creative competitions at The Gathering are your unique chance to show or play your masterpiece to a large audience on one of the best audio and video systems in the country. You'll get a live reaction and feedback from a crowd of inspired fans, and have a chance to win great prizes.
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More information about the competitions, seminars and mentors will be announced as soon as the details are ready.