Info for parents

The Gathering is an assembly of young people who want to develop their creative skills, meet like-minded youth and learn. We want to create an arena in which computer loving youth will have the chance to gather for five days of fun with equals, and a playground for those who wish to fully exploit their creativity.

Sending your daughter or son to The Gathering might feel a little risky. The Gathering is a huge computer party with a lot of people, and thus you might have some questions. Is The Gathering safe? How can we contact our child during the event? Are they eating anything? Where do they sleep? Are there enough toilets? What happens if..?

5500 people come to Hamar Olympic Arena every Easter, which is impressive, but can seem frightening to a concerned parent. This text is meant to inform you about how we do things and what we do to make your child's experience as comfortable as possible. If you have any questions after reading this text, feel free to contact us.

The Gathering cannot give any personal guarantees during the event, however, we can ensure you we are doing everything we can to give our participants a great Easter holiday, so they can go home with plenty of new positive experiences.

We have been organizing The Gathering for over 20 years. Each year over 300 crew members work hard to make everything happen as planned and to make our participants happy. Many of us were participants ourselves once, and have a lot of experience dealing with the various challenges that can occur.

Where can I find information?

One of our goals is to give as much information as possible, to our participants and to their parents.

Our most important information channel is our website, which you are now on. We recommend you keep an eye on our site, as we will be posting practical information, timetables for our shows and contact information. We also broadcast television 24/7 - perhaps you will see one of your children on TG-TV?

Can I contact the organizers?

If you need to speak to any of the organizers of The Gathering you can find their numbers here.

I am the participant's ombudsman. I am part of a team of three people who are the participants' spokesmen in the leader group. We try to make sure having a good time throughout the event, and they can come and talk to us if anything is wrong or they are having trouble. We are a shoulder to cry on. In addition, we can help those who have special needs.

Questions for the participant's ombudsman can be directed to deltagerombud at gathering dot org.

What is the age limit at The Gathering?

There is no age limit, but we do recommend anyone under 16 to travel with someone (e.g. siblings or friends) over 16.

The police require us to make sure all participants under the age of 16 bring a consent form signed by their parents or legal guardians to The Gathering. Minors without this form will be turned away. The consent form can be downloaded here.

You parents know your kids the best, you have to decide whether they get to go. As organizers we cannot check on them to make sure they eat or sleep regularly. Thus we ask you to consider if your child is able to take care of themself, or if they should go with someone.

Will they be able to sit with someone they know?

Yes, friends and family members will get to pick seats via our ticket system.

Can you help me get in touch with my child at The Gathering?

We strongly recommend your child to bring a mobile phone so you can call whenever you need to. Our phone numbers are mainly for things concerning the event. We do not have the capacity to pass on messages to the participants, except during emergencies. It's a good idea to note where your child is sitting, making it easier for us to find them if needed.

Is The Gathering safe?

Yes, it is safe! We cooperate with the police in Hamar, who will be both inside the arena and outside. The fire department is situated in the same building as us, and all our installations are approved by them.

We also have our own security crew, who guard our entrances (we don't let people in without a ticket) and always look out for us. Part of this crew is Medic. We have our own first aid station in the arena (marked by a Red Cross logo) with educated health personnel manning it at all times.

What if equipment gets broken or disappears?

People bring a lot of expensive equipment to The Gathering. We, as the organizers, have an insurance, but it does not cover any damage or loss of equipment belonging to the participants. We rarely have cases where computers are stolen, and most material damage is caused by accidents such as spilling soda over the keyboard.

The last couple of years we have seen people bring more mobile devices, which are easy to steal. No one should leave their things behind without anyone watching. The Gathering does not take any responsibility for damage of participants' equipment. Each participant should bring valid travel insurance. Remember, conditions for covering loss and damage will vary with the different insurance companies.

Do not leave wallets or cell phones unattended! Any loss or damage must be reported to our Info:Desk, who will call the police if needed. This is to avoid complications with insurance companies etc.

What about food?

There are two eating places in the arena. They both follow the policies that apply to the operation of public dining. We always have inspections from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and health authorities during The Gathering. There are also several restaurants in Hamar which are open during Easter. Food at The Gathering is no problem. One of the reasons we do not recommend people under 16 coming alone is that we know that not everyone will eat or sleep well enough to keep going for five days.

You can order a meal ticket along with the participant's ticket. This will provide breakfast and dinner every day, served by one of the eating places in the ship. Through these tickets you get varied and healthy food. These tickets can be bought through

We will also have microwave ovens and electric water boilers available for the participants to use to prepare their own food. There are some grocery stores in Hamar that are open every day. We have a trade-in service for cooling units, so you can keep your food cold.


We do not sell alcoholic drinks at The Gathering. We have a zero-tolerance attitude when it comes to alcohol and all other drugs. Participants who possess or use this will be suspended without further notice. You can buy soda and other drinks in the arena. Many participants bring large amounts of sugary drinks or energy drinks to the event. We want you to talk to your children about the importance of water. Five days living on Coca Cola is not a good idea. We have drinking water taps several places in the building, so bring a reusable bottle.

Where do they sleep?

We have many dedicated sleeping areas in the arena. They are on and below the stands, but everyone must bring their own mattress and sleeping bag. Many also bring a pillow. Sleeping directly on hard concrete will be uncomfortable, and we do not recommend it. Sleeping between the rows or in front of emergency exits is strictly forbidden. We urge you to talk to your children about the importance of enough sleep. No one can be awake for five days in a row.

We also have a big sleeping tent outside which is heated and a great alternative to the stands. There will always be a security guard outside the tents.

Our program will be planned so there is always a prolonged period of time at night where nothing special is happening. That way the participants will not feel that they are missing out while they are sleeping.

What about toilets and showers?

Hamar Olympic Arena is a sports arena, so there are plenty of toilets and showers which are continuously washed and refilled with paper and soap. The participants have to bring their own towel and shampoo. Talk to them about some simple hygiene rules. Many people are going to be in the same place, so hand washing is extremely important. Washing your hands after going to the toilet is mandatory. Tell them to wash their hands before and after touching food, especially if several people are eating (e.g. pizza). A winning argument may be that you feel more awake when you are clean, and thus you can stay up longer.

Special needs?

We are flexible when it comes to solutions for special needs. We have many years of experience adapting for people with differing levels of ability and we will go out of our way to make them happy. Contact Medic at medic at gathering dot org, or participant's ombudsman at deltagerombud at gathering dot org, and we will help you.

Anything else?

It's been over 20 years since the first The Gathering. It has been great in the past and we are certain it will continue that way. If you are in a position to visit, please do so. It is difficult to understand what The Gathering is without having seen, heard and experienced it. The Gathering is a safe event. If you need to speak to the participant's ombudsman about this information letter or other things, please write to deltagerombud at gathering dot org.

Marianne Skadal, participant's ombudsman