We offer several types of tickets to cater to all your needs. Here is the complete guide!

How to buy?

All tickets are available to buy from Geekevents. Visitor tickets can be bought at the venue, but for a higher price, and only in limited numbers. To be sure, we recommend that you buy these tickets online.


The Gathering does not accept refund requests after the 1st of March. There will always be a risk when buying tickets through other channels our supplier, Geeekevents. A good place to start if you still can't attend TG15 is to check out our forums.


If you have any ticket-related questions, please contact us by phone: +47 22 69 69 00. If you're having problems with Geekevents please contact their support.

Visitor tickets

Visitor tickets can be bought in advance at Geekevents.
You'll be able to buy for the following days: Thursday, Friday and Saturday during the event. These tickets allow you to stay in the venue until 07:30 the next morning.
You'll also be able to buy the visitor tickets at the entrance, but we recommend buying the tickets online in advance to be guaranteed entry.
Please note that as a visitor you cannot bring any equipment to or from the event and you will not get your own seat in the venue.


  • Visitor ticket (1 day): NOK 250,- online (plus ticket fee) or NOK 300,- at the entrance.

  • Family ticket (1 day): NOK 500,- online (plus ticket fee) or NOK 550,- at the entrance. NOTE: Everyone has to be members of the same family to be entitled to the family ticket, the ticket will include all members of one family.

For visits longer than 2 days, we recommend the no-seat participant ticket, which is also available through Geekevents or at the entrance.

Do I need to know someone?

Last year we had a rule where you needed to know someone with a participant ticket to be able to get inside and visit. This is no longer necessary so you'll be able to visit the Gathering even if you don't know anyone there (yet!).

Participants Tickets

These are the participant-tickets for those who want to join the party for two or more days.

Participant's ticket

This is the regular ticket for participants who want a seat at TG15. Membership in KANDU is included. You will be able to enter in all competitions with this ticket.

Price: 1200,- NOK

Foreigner ticket

This is the regular ticket for all other foreign participants that want a seat at The Gathering 2015. Proof of residence outside of Norway will be required - a recent letter to your foreign residence will suffice. You can enter in all competitions with this ticket.

To buy this ticket you need to write a short application providing proof of residency. If you are 3 people travelling together who all want to buy foreigner tickets, you will have to submit 3 individual applications, as these tickets are non-transferable.

Price: 1200,- NOK

Creative ticket

This will provide a seat for you in the Creative Lounge, a dedicated area in Hamar Olympic Arena. This is for our creative participants, such as musicians, graphic designers, demo coders, game designers and hardcore programmers from all over the world.
If you buy a creative ticket, you will get a seat with a bigger table, a better chair and there will be no large speakers close to you.

To buy this ticket you will need to write a short application, in which you explain why you are interested in in sitting in the Creative Lounge. A good application includes links to work you have done in the past (demos, artwork, music etc.) with descriptions. You write the application in Geekevents when buying the ticket.

Price: 1200,- NOK

No-Seat Ticket

This is the ticket for participants who don't need a huge workspace this Easter, and are perhaps only planning on bringing a laptop. This ticket will provide access to TG15, but not a seat like the regular ticket.

With this ticket you can participate in all compos.

Price: NOK 600,- online or NOK 650,- at the entrance

Participant two days ticket

Like a regular participant's ticket. You choose to participate either from Wednesday to Friday or Friday to Sunday. You will have to leave the event by 12:00, when your ticket expires. This way, you can make your family happy by spending some time outside this Easter.

There will be a designated row for this ticket type. You can participate in competitions, but please note that some competitions will require you to be present at The Gathering at certain times.

Price: 900,- NOK