Vikingskipet, Hamar
12.–16. april 2017



Welcome to The Gathering 2017

This year's website is primarily in Norwegian. However, we wish all our international visitors welcome, and we have gathered the most important information here.

If you have any questions after reading this page, feel free to contact

When and where?

The Gathering has become an Easter tradition for nerds from all over the world. We begin the party some time in the morning of Wednesday, 12th of April (exact time pending), and wrap it all up in the morning of Sunday, 16th of April, after several days filled to the brim with competitions, stage shows, new friendships and questionable sleep habits.

The Gathering 2017 takes place in Vikingskipet, Hamar. Hamar is located 1h and 20 minutes outside of Oslo by train (a little less than one hour if you go directly from Oslo Airport Gardermoen). Vikingskipet (Hamar Olympic Hall) is a venue originally built for the 1994 Winter Olympics. It has housed The Gathering every Easter since 1996.


You can buy tickets from the 9th of December. We offer special foreigner tickets for our participants residing outside of Norway. These tickets are exempt from the ticket lottery and the queue for the ordinary participants' tickets. You can apply directly at (starting 9th of December), by writing a short application providing proof of residency outside of Norway. A letter to your foreign residency will suffice.


To ensure a smooth entry to the party, we provide a check-in service. After checking in, and making sure that the ticket is issued in your name, you will receive your proof of admission. Our scanners are unable to read screens, so you will need to bring a printed version. Present this at the entrance along with a valid ID, and you will receive your wristband and access to the venue.

You will find the check-in service at