The Gathering 1996, 2. - 6. April at Hamar Olympic Hall (Vikingskipet)

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  1. Introduction
  2. Hot Spots
  3. Competitions
  4. Prizes
  5. Deadlines and other important times
  6. Rules
  7. Technical Stuff
  8. Alternative Easter
  9. Transport
  10. Bus Trips
  11. Sponsors
  12. KANDU


Citizens of the World rejoice

As of today, a new chapter of mankind's history has begun!

This one man was called upon from the edge of the Universe

Who will set you free from your deepest fears.....

He shall forever be known as...


Crusaders Productions ARE BACK!!!


The Gathering '96 is set to be one of the most exciting parties this decade.

As The Gathering is having a 5 year celebration, we have made TG 96 a special one (as always), where the focus is upon party, party and party.

The setting is the Vikingship in Hamar, Norway. Famous from the Olympics, and one of the largest stadiums available in Scandinavia. It is also one of the most modern and well equipped stadiums as well.

Rave-party, concerts, stand-up comedians and other attractions will be held for those who need some extra stimulation during the long party hours.

A ski-trip for those who want to enjoy the Olympic slopes of Hafjell/Kvitfjell will be arranged. You can even rent the equipment you need (the wooden planks needed to run down the slopes and poles to stick in the snow [together with your heads :-D]).

We have heard your complaints about bad choice of locations, loss of power, poor networking, expensive entry fees, prizes that were not paid until many months after the party and so forth...

AND WE CORRECTED THEM ALL (well, most of them anyway).
By using professional companies instead of doing everything ourselves, everything you need for a great party will be there.


Together with our connections in some of the largest companies around, we're going to make THE GATHERING 1996 more fun, more non-stop action, more unrelentless computer action than any other party!

As TG95 was NOT arranged by KANDU (Crusaders, Cryptoburners, Amotech etc) many of the things from last year leaves a lot to be desired. As a way of clearing this up, we wish to at least make the competition prizes to be paid out. As of now, we have contact with 3 of the prizewinners.
Calvin/Proxima already have received his prize for his 2nd prize in the PC 4K intro competition.
Trinity have received their prizes for the contribution(s) to the animation/wild compo.
Please contact us to receive more information if you didn't receive your prize. We do this to state our seriousness and sincerity concerning the name The Gathering.

Just of windy balloon full of hot air loaded with a pile of horsemanure or a real fact? Keep your weary eyes open and read on...

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Hot Spots

"VIKINGSKIPET" in Hamar, north of Oslo, Norway.

The main hall from the '94 Olympics in Norway. (If you don't know what the Olympics are, you are just the guy we want at TG, and believe us, the hall is big!!!) They even held an INDOORS cross-country skiing event in this hall.
12.000 square meters of pure pleasure (the same size as 3 soccer fields or 3000 tabletennis tables.) The total area of the hall is 26 000 square meters and 350 000 cubic meters. (350 million liters). Stairsfree entrances (excellent for rolling those car ts filled to the brink with equipment).
3000+ seats, tables and SEPARATE poweroutlets available. Every person gets a seat, every person gets a tablespace and every person gets his own grounded poweroutlet. (1 power outlet per person, bring your own grounded multiple power out lets to have more than one item connected at a time).

10 seperate LARGE wardrobes with 4-10 showers per wardrobe. Of course no money will be charged for this basic facility. Don't panic, bring your own towel! Sauna is optionally available.

Coin-operated laundry to get those clothes refreshened.

Catering will be provided. Junkfood and not-so-junk food will be served at your leisure.

Silicone and methane lifeforms make special arrangments.

Sleeping area is inside the hall. You will be allowed to sleep next to your beloved computers, and also separate facilities will be available for those who require less noisy environment to sleep in.

Also, for those who need something less 'campy', there's a motell next-door with 56 rooms totalling 224 beds.
Be warned that these rooms are often filled to the rim with other tourists.

Swimminghall, tennishall and so on are available in the Hamar area, but at this time, opening hours at Easter are not available.

Big parking facilities available immediately outside the hall at no extra charge. Will take any kind of possible vehicle you can arrive in. Extraterrastials call ahead for separate reservations.
Limousine service available.
No car queues at ANY time to the main road, or blocking of fire lanes to the main road. Failure obey so will result in summarily towing, no warnings will be given! There's plenty of parking space, so there's no need for a queue anyhow.

System Boot: Tuesday 2 April 1996 00:01
System Shutdown: Saturday 6 April 1996 16:00
For those of you who arrive early, you will not be let in before 0:01.
Official opening and the time which every feature will be available is 12:00.

More than 110 hours of party for 200 NOK! (About US$ 30). This requires you to pay in advance. If you wish to pay at the entrance, the fee will be 250,- NOK (About US$ 37). This gives you an exciting party for less than 50 cents an hour!
As usual, girls and non-Europeans are let in for FREE. ET's also have free entrance, but have to provide their own phones.

Filling out this form and paying in advance will bring you straight past the queue in the registration hall. In addition, it will save you the fair amount of NOK 50,-.
You will need to include a facial photo 3x4 cm.
Having this information HANDY upon entering the hall, without prepaying will also save you a lot of time.

Joining Form for KANDU
Postal Code:
Postal Area:
User Group:
Will you connect to the ethernet at the party?
You will receive a postal giro or bank giro in the mail.
Which computer(s) will you bring to The Gathering 1996?
Other Computer:
If your computer type isn't listed above, please write it here.

Operating Systems:
Which OS(s) are you running on this/these machine(s)?
Other OS:
If your OS isn't listed, please write it here.

If you have a comment for us, please write it here.
For better communication, send a mail to us.

All information is confidential and will be maintained with the highest level of confidentiality. No mailings or unwanted attention will follow of you entering this information. This is for our reference and future contact only.
By Norwegian law, you are only required to enter your complete name (first and last), but PLEASE enter the other information. It is GREATLY appreciated.
Now fill out the PostalGiro, and pay the amount of 200,- pr. attendant. If you pay for more than one person, make a clear note here for which person(s) you are paying.

The PostalGiro account name, adress and number is:
The Gathering 1996
c/o Crusaders Prod.
Stasjonsvn. 56
2010 Strømmen
Account: 0814 5499454

Put the reference name for payment in the address field for the payee with a complete name and address. Failure to do so can cause your payment to end up as an advanced form for anonymous gift to TG96.
All the attendants must fill out their own registration-forms and include a photo. If you send several preregistration-forms in one envelope give each photo a number, and write the same number in the form that it belongs to. Please fill out the form as co rrectly as possible, and do not make jokes with sex: (ie. SEX: YES, plenty! or similar). If the data we receive are incorrect, you will have to line up with the others. The photo will be used for the ID-card, and is a reference to your face, so do not sen d a photo of your girlfriends beaver, your dog, or your 128 year old grandpa.

If someone else is paying for you: _________________________________________ is paying for me.

If we do not receive the payment, or are incapable of verifying that proper payment has occured, you have to pay entrance at the gate as everybody else (so be concise to avoid misunderstandings).

If you are paying for others.

Send the forms and Photos to us, and you will recieve an ID-card, which you MUST bring. The card will be your proof of payment.

I pay for these people:


1500++ Ethernet connections with high speed internal and Internet party network from day 0 at NO EXTRA CHARGE!!
The NETWORKS available at the party is:
Novell Netware, for fileservices, network gaming (thru the IPX/SPX protocols) and internal chat-lines.
Internet for IRC and Telnet sessions. WWW and FTP will be limited due to limitations on system resources. (1500 WWW's is quite demanding). TCP/IP protocols only. For further instructions on how & when, read in later revisions, or contact us.
98% COAX connections, bring your HUB's for TP-connections.

You just need a PC with an Ethernet-card, or buy one from us for 250 NOK (US$ 35) (16bits NE2000 cards for ISA-bus only). This is non-profit way for us get YOU onto the network if you don't already have an Ethernet card. You get to keep the card afte r the party. No rentals or credit plans available.
Major body parts acceptable as a shortterm deposit.
For the Amiga, special deals with our dealers will be made available. As this feature is not yet properly laid out, contact us for information.

Seperate poweroutlet per person, 20 persons per breaker switch.
2000 Amps available instantly, and our special TECH task force will be monitoring the powergrid at all hours. The hall itself is providing this as a courtesy service, so it's not us spending the week putting the power up. It's in place the week BEFORE t he party.

PC, Amiga, C64, demo, intro, Internet, music, gfx and wild competitions will be held, plus a few surprises...
See separate paragraph for more info.

Hot new movies and all the old goodies will be shown at regular intervals, 24 hours a day, all week. A special auditorium with 200 quality seats and superb audiovisual equipment provides the quality experience for all of you moviebuffs. If it's good eno ugh for Olympic hot-shots it's certainly good enough for you.

We're gonna have a rave-concert hosted by a popular Norwegian DJ. Laser effects will be a part of this concert. Mads Drøschler (Gatekeeper/Xtacy) will hold a small concert, as will Henning Kristiansen. Drøschler also held a concert at "The Party V". We wi ll also have a one hour long stand-up comedian show.

Special arrangements with the local fire department allow sleeping inside the hall. (No more sleeping outside in a tent, we're computer freaks and not Grizzly Adam's fans.) You'll be allowed to sleep next to your dear computers.

As a lot of you set up your own TV-stations, we wish to provide you with the best transmission possibilities available.
To make the Tech-crew help you out with this, a few rules have been set.

By doing this, you can just ask the Tech-crew to assist you in setting up your transmissions, and possibly relay it to the main screen.

See parking and general rules.
In case of fire, warnings will be issued over the PA-system and by our guards, there's no need for a panic, as the hall is built to evacuate 19 000 people within 60 seconds. Warnings by alarm systems will be given MANUALLY and will be verified by our gua rds, so please report any incidents to your nearest guard immediately.
The fire dept. is located at the side of the hall, and they will support us to avoid unnecessary firedrills or situations.

Be aware of your own limitations and contact one of our guards if you need assistance. Also be aware of your buddies. Astmatic and diabetic attacks have been observed earlier and will hopefully not occur at Hamar.

World Wide Web:
See our web pages at: HTTP://

The following Newsgroups carry discussions related to The Gathering '96
The official The Gathering 1996 IRC channel is named:


(Big surprise, right ;-)
Also search out: #coders, #amigascne or similar

Infolink BBS at # +47-2257 1600 or 04
Conference name: Gathering96

Countzero BBS at # +47-5512 2962
Conference name: Gathering96

Spacebar BBS at # +47-6493 3499

Vegard Skjefstad:
Trond Michelsen:
Espen Lyngaas:

Vegard Skjefstad: # +47 901 19 966 24hrs
Trond Michelsen: # +47 926 37 891 24hrs

Include complete name and address to receive the OFFICIAL PARTY INVITATION LEAFLET in the mail early in March.
For preregistration and travel arrangments (bus-trip organizers, contact us well ahead), call the bulletin boards or drop us an email.
See at the end of this info for contact adresses for bus-trips.

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[General | PC General | PC Demo | PC 64K | PC 4K | Amiga General | Amiga Demo | Amiga 40K | Amiga 4K | Fast Intro | Graphics | 4ch | Multich | A500 | C-64 | WiLD | Other]

General rules:

All entries will be presented in the best true form available.
The music modules will be put onto DAT and presented from this media. We'll strive to get the highest quality available.
The demos and intros will possibly be put onto video (not your ordinarily VHS type though) to allow a smooth running if it's technically possible to do so for the product.
To allow us to do this, please follow the written rules:
See separate demands for each contest.

All entries MUST be delivered with a FILE_ID.DIZ file describing the production in a detailed way. The file must follow the description below:

File_id.diz 45 chars x 8 lines, no colour-ansi's.
Type                   :
Title                  :
Version                :
Author                 :
Competition-type/place :
Short description      :

            1         2         3         4
4 "RELEASED AT: GATHERING 96  2-6 APRIL         "
5 "                                             "
6 "        + OTHER OPTIONAL CRAP!               "
7 "                                             "
8 "                                             "

For those of you with an artistic streak, put your efforts into the README.TXT-file.

Distribution will be made available in the following forms: For all competition entries: FTP-site (WWW and FTP) at FTP.CDROM.COM immediately CD-ROM available approximately 3 weeks after the party.

For selected entries:
A full-length video containing some of the best entries from The Gathering 1996. This video will be available from Saturday 6th April 05:00. Max 200 copies will be made in the first print and is available immediately for 100,- NOK ($15).

All entries are by default to be included in these productions unless otherwise stated. The contributors owns all other rights other than for these productions (with the exception of internal presentations made for promoting The Gathering at a later date).

In plain English this means:
The FTP-site, CD-ROM and video is the only commercial place TG organizers will have the right to include your productions without due notice.
We do however, reserve the right to use your productions in promotional items for The Gathering. This includes brochures, videopresentations and other press material.

A royalty will be payed to all those who contribute.

[General | PC General | PC Demo | PC 64K | PC 4K | Amiga General | Amiga Demo | Amiga 40K | Amiga 4K | Fast Intro | Graphics | 4ch | Multich | A500 | C-64 | WiLD | Other]

PC contributions general rules:

PC contributions general testing:
All demos will be TESTED on the following machine:
All demos will be PRESENTED on the following machine:
PC Demo
PC 64K Intro
PC 4K Intro
[General | PC General | PC Demo | PC 64K | PC 4K | Amiga General | Amiga Demo | Amiga 40K | Amiga 4K | Fast Intro | Graphics | 4ch | Multich | A500 | C-64 | WiLD | Other]

Amiga contributions general rules:

Amiga contributions general testing:
All demos will be TESTED on the following machine:
All demos will be PRESENTED on the following machine:
Amiga Demo
Amiga 40K Intro
Amiga 4K Intro
[General | PC General | PC Demo | PC 64K | PC 4K | Amiga General | Amiga Demo | Amiga 40K | Amiga 4K | Fast Intro | Graphics | 4ch | Multich | A500 | C-64 | WiLD | Other]

PC/Amiga Fastintro (common)
Music: 4 Channel
Music: Multichannel
Amiga Nostalgia Demo
C-64 Demo
[General | PC General | PC Demo | PC 64K | PC 4K | Amiga General | Amiga Demo | Amiga 40K | Amiga 4K | Fast Intro | Graphics | 4ch | Multich | A500 | C-64 | WiLD | Other]

Other Competitions

JAVA-GAME Screensaver Machine Design Useless Utilty
Coder-Hat Group T-Shirt

And possibly...
Soccer-compo, Frogger-compo, Computer Jeopardy Compo, Poetry/limerick computer compo
Descent/Doom/Worms/Deadly Skies/Command & Conquer/Netgames competitions

[Contents | Introduction | Hot Spots | Competitions | Prizes | Deadlines | Rules | Technical Stuff | Alternative Easter | Transport | Bus Trips | Sponsors | KANDU]


This is the expected value of the prizes in the following categories.

PC Amiga
1. Prize:15.000,-10.000,-5.000,-15.000,-10.000,-5.000,-5.000,-
2. Prize:10.000,-6.000,-3.000,-10.000,-6.000,-3.000,-3.000,-
3. Prize:5.000,-4.000,-2.000,-5.000,-4.000,-2.000,-2.000,-
4. Prize:3.000,-3.000,-
5. Prize:2.000,-2.000,-
WiLDC-64 demoFastintroGraphics4-channelMulti-ch.
1. Prize:10.000,-5.000,-5.000,-5.000,-5.000,-5.000,-
2. Prize:6.000,-3.000,-3.000,-3.000,-3.000,-3.000,-
3. Prize:4.000,-2.000,-2.000,-2.000,-2.000,-2.000,-

All values are in Norwegian kroners ($1 USD = 6,25 NOK)
Please Note: The prizes are based on cash value, and may include sponsored items

If your browser doesn't support tables, click here

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Surprise, surprise and surprise will be scattered in between to keep you
on your toes (you little ballerinas you!).

Monday 1 April:
00:01 - 23:59    Loads of work for the organizers, no entrance.
23:59 - 24:00    Rest period

Tuesday 2 April:
00:01 -         The doors swing open to massive attack from partyhungry
12:00 -         Official opening ceremony
20:00 - 21:00   Concert
23:00 -         Jeopardy compo

Wednesday 3 April:
10:00           The slalombus departures from Hamar
14:00           Deadline PC 4kb intro
15:00           Deadline Amiga 4kb intro
16:00           Deadline A500 Nostalgia compo
18:00           The slalombus arrives from Hafjell
20:00 - 21:00   Entertainment
22:00 - 23:00   A500 Nostalgia compo

Thursday 4 April:
00:00 - 01:00   PC 4kb intro compo
01:30 - 02:30   Amiga 4kb intro compo
04:00 - 08:00   FAST intro REDEYE ultimate DEATHMATCH compo
09:00           Deadline music 4-channel compo
10:00           The slalombus departures from Hamar
11:00           Deadline music multichannel compo
12:00           Deadline C64 compo
13:00           Deadline graphics compo
14:00           Deadline Amiga 40kb intro
15:00           Deadline PC 64kb intro
18:00           The slalombus arrives from Hafjell
18:30 - 19:30   Fast intro compo presentation
20:00 - 21:30   Music 4-channel compo
22:00 - 23:00   C64 demo compo
23:30 -         Graphics compo

Friday 5 April:
      - 00:30   Graphics compo
00:45 - 01:45   Music multichannel compo
02:00 - 03:00   PC    64kb Compo
03:30 - 04:30   Amiga 40kb Compo
10:00           Deadline Amiga compo
11:00           Deadline PC compo
12:00           Deadline Wild compo
19:00 - 20:00   Wild Compo
20:30 - 22:00   Amiga compo
22:30 - 24:00   PC Compo

Saturday 6 April:
01:00           Voting begins
01:00           Concert
04:00           Voting Ends
05:00           Presentation Coder Hat, Screensaver, Machine Design,
                T-Shirt, Useless Utility

06:00 - 06:30   Presentation Java-compos
07:00 - 09:30   Presentation of the winners
12:00 - 16:00   Sod off time! Pack! CHO! Leave! Bibi!

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General rules that really should be obvious...
[Contents | Introduction | Hot Spots | Competitions | Prizes | Deadlines | Rules | Technical Stuff | Alternative Easter | Transport | Bus Trips | Sponsors | KANDU]

Technical Stuff

[Contents | Introduction | Hot Spots | Competitions | Prizes | Deadlines | Rules | Technical Stuff | Alternative Easter | Transport | Bus Trips | Sponsors | KANDU]

Alternative Easter

Why not combine THE GATHERING with your normal Easter holiday?

About two hours of driving from Hamar, you find HAFJELL and KVITFJELL, the arenas that hosted the alpine diciplines during the 1994 Winter Olympics.
These are two of Scandinavia's most modern alpine centers today, well suited for those family members who don't want to spend the entire week indoor.
1 day 2 days
Ski-rental (complete kit) 165,- 250,-
Rental of snowboard (complete kit) 250,- 350,-
Skicard full day (age over 16) 185,- 340,-
Skicard full day (age under 16) 140,- 245,-

These are the prices from Hafjell/Kvitfjell in NOK.
In addition to these prices, a busfare costing approx 100,- NOK will apply.

As well is Hamar a tourist site in itself. Olympics arenas and scenic nature is just part of what makes Hamar interesting.
For those of you above 18, Hamar also provides a semi-interesting nightlife.
Remember that drunken bastards will not be let into the hall, so behave yourself a bit.

[Contents | Introduction | Hot Spots | Competitions | Prizes | Deadlines | Rules | Technical Stuff | Alternative Easter | Transport | Bus Trips | Sponsors | KANDU]


How to get there by car: As several hundred thousand people made it during the Olympics, and nearly every person in Norway know where Hamar/Vikingskipet is, ASK!!!

Trains for Hamar depart from Oslo Central station every hour, the hall is located a short walk away from the station.

Bus transports will be scheduled, contact us for booking information.
Look at the end of this info for contact persons concerning bus-trips.

If you arrive by plane or boat in Norway, follow the above directions from Oslo or call us for further instructions.

Map will be available at a later date at WEB-site and in the written invitation.

[Contents | Introduction | Hot Spots | Competitions | Prizes | Deadlines | Rules | Technical Stuff | Alternative Easter | Transport | Bus Trips | Sponsors | KANDU]

Bus Trips

All bus-trip information is provided as an information bulletin only.
TG96 has nothing to do with this trips, so contact ONLY the arrangers of the trips directly if possible.
If you arrange a trip and want your info in this bulletin, please contact us.
If you wish info about a trip from your part of the country, contact us.
And finally... If you know about a trip that isn't listed here contact us.

Bus index

From Bergen

Proxima is arranging a bus-trip from Bergen via Aurland/Hol.
The bus(ses) have radio, tv, toilet and more.
There's room for 40 people (47, 7 seats which is reserved for equipment). Each person is allowed 25-30Kg of equipment.
If you need more space, contact the organizers.
No responsibility for broken or missing equipment is furnished, so make your own insurance arrangements.
1 or 2 busses will be provided if there's enough people.
The arrangers make a provision of cancelling the tour if not enough people sign up.

Price: About NOK 575,- a bankgiro will be sent to those who enrolls the tour. More detailed info will be included.
Bergen, departure 01. April ca 12:00 (Festplassen)
Hamar, arrival 01. April ca 23:30

Hamar, departure 06. April ca 12:00
Bergen, arrival 06. April ca 23:30 (Festplassen)

Send name, adress, phonenumber and amount of luggage to:
Anders Ervik - (Calvin/Proxima):

Phone:+47-5595 2953
BBS:+47-5512 2962 (Send message to Calvin)
Øyvind Neuman - (Twaddler/Proxima):
Phone:+47-5595 0453
- (Yitzhaq/Proxima)

From Finnmark/Alta/Finland/Sweden

The bus is brand new with TV, video, toilett and microwave. 40 seats available (the rest is for equipment).
30 pepole has already enlisted, and the price is now down to 1100,- NOK
If all 40 seats are taken, the price will be more like NOK 900,- to 1000,- which is very cheap.
Allow normal amounts of luggage (max 30Kg per seat).
Call if you need more space.
Depature, arrival and return schedules are not set yet.
A long stop on trip due to driving regulations will be arranged for sleeping purposes.
Kirkenes/Alta, then down thru Finland/Sweden and then Hamar will be the driving route.

For enrolling, state your name, adress, phone, and amount of luggage. For more information contact:
Vidar Hoel:

Phone: +47-78 99 23 81
BBS: conference POST at INFOLINK BBS
Frode Paulsen:
Phone: +47-78 99 29 03
Andreas Rafaelsen:
Phone: +47-78 99 94 13

From Stavanger

I påskeferien braker det løs, TG96 på HAMAR, dette er årets høydepunkt, hvem vil vel gå glipp av dette? Scandinavia Plus BBS leier en buss (stor) som skal kjøre oss opp til Hamar, og hjem igjen etter 5 dager med data-data-data og atter data. For at bussturen skal la seg gjennomføre trenger vi hjelp fra alle som kan.

Det kommer til å være en HAGA buss som kjører, enten med innleid sjåfør,eller en datafreak på Scandinavia-Plus BBS som har buss-lappen. Anyway, dette blir ikke gratis, langt fra gratis men du kan trygt si at du får mye for pengene,

Du får:

Vel bussen går fra:
Stavanger Byterminal, vi kan også stoppe på sandes eller ålgård dersom noen skulle ønske det.Prisen på dette er den psyke sum av 385 Nkr, så mye moro har du aldri fått for under 1000 kr. I tillegg kommer billetten til TG, som koster 200kr (Fyll ut dette skjemaet for å få tilsendt en bankgiro)

Alle fylle ut og sende meg en kopi av det skjema som ligger helt tilslutt i filen her...
Den fylles ut og mailes til meg. Har du venner som ikke har modem, så skriver du ut filen på et ark, fyller ut, sender den til

Odd Nielsen Jr.
Orions gt 14
4021 stavanger

VOLA, og du er med.

NB: Husk selv om at du er påmeldt fra før, send inn på _NYTT_

FORNAVN................: ____________________________________

ETTERNAVN..............: ____________________________________

GATE ADRESSE...........: ____________________________________

POST ADRESSE...........: ____________________________________

ALDER..................: ____________________________________

TELEFON NUMMER.........: ____________________________________

EMAIL..................: ____________________________________







Oki, denne kan besvares i POST på Scandinavia Plus BBS (5141 0873), eller på

De som er fra distriktet rundt Stavanger som leser denne meldingen og vil så gjerne bli med i bussen kan sende e-mail til
eller ringe til
Scandinavia Plus BBS: 51 41 08 73 og legge en postmelding til Odd Nielsen.

Sandefjord / Tønsberg

Etter suksessen med "Distortion'96" på Barkåker i februar, ønsker The Enterprise Crew (TEC) å feire en alternativ påskeferie i Vikingskipet. Det blir satt opp turbuss fram og tilbake til Hamar mot den nette sum av 350 kr pro pers.

For disse pengene får du bl.a.:

Video, toalett, kjøleskap og kaffetrakter.
Og enda viktigere:
Du slipper å GÅ fra togstasjonen på Hamar med fullt datautstyr !

For info/påmelding, kontakt Greger Stolt Nilsen Ting vi gjerne vil vite om deg er:
Navn, adresse, telefon, E-mail, alder og bagasjemengde

Det er sikkert mange der ute med dårlig erfaring fra bussene til TG95 i Stavanger. Vi har tatt våre forholdsregler og fyller bussene kun halvveis. Dette skulle bety at man ikke er nødt til å leie inn ekstra lastebiler for å få med all bagasjen, slik som arrangørene måtte i fjor.

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Current Official Sponsors:


Silicon Graphics
Hewlett Packard
Microsoft / Microsoft Norway
Netscape / Nocom
Schibsted Nett
UMI - Networking, internal net backbone


Micro Software
Microcom modems / Incom Scandinavia


ABB - Cabling, power
Aktiv Eiendomsmegling


Team 17

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KANDU (Kreativ Aktiv Norsk Data Ungdom) would translate into "Creative Active Norwegian Computer Youth" was formed by Crusaders, Cryptoburners, ATC and a few other groups in order to show people outside the scene what we are capable of, a vital step in the process of getting economical support for a project of this magnitude.
You may join KANDU through our web site, or by contacting us directly.


Sign the guestbook please.
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