Competition rules v.99d

[PC Demo | Amiga Demo | PC Text Mode | GFX | Music | C-64 | C-64 2 blocks | WiLD | 4kb Intro PC | 4kb Intro Amiga]
[64kb Intro | Fast Intro | Java/ActiveX Compo | VRML/Open GL Compo | Most Useless Utility]

Competition machines will most likely be:

PC: P133, 16MB RAM, GUS, AWE32, GFX card with min 2MB RAM
Amiga: A4000, 16MB RAM, 68060, FPU, CybergraphX comp. gfx card

PC Demo

Amiga Demo

PC Text Mode




C64 2 Blocks demo


4kb Intro PC

4kb Intro Amiga

64k Intro PC/Amiga

Fast Intro PC/Amiga

Java/ActiveX Compo

VRML/OpenGL Compo

Most Useless Utility

  • Have you ever made something so totally useless by accident or you tried to on purpose. Then this is something for you. It don't matter if it's something which uses forever to calculate a number or if it's a simulation dog barker. All entries are welcome.
  • Include a description file about what the program is supposed to do or not do.

Other small competitions will be announced at the party.

If you have any questions regarding the rules mail -Wobba