Rubba-Dubb Ducks Ltd. is the number one leading producer in the world. Our headquarter is placed in Buenos Aires, but with over 4000 employees stationed all around the world, we are determined to stay at the top. Rubba-Dubb Ducks Ltd. stands for quality goods, and is your - and your childrens - guarantee for safe and happy playing and bathtubing.

Early in 1340, Sir Henry Rubba-Dubb started making small wooden ducks. They became an instant success, and he created the firm "Rubba-Dubb Ducks Ltd.". Since that time, Rubba-Dubb Ducks have been reinvented quite a few times. The greatest revolution were the change of material from wood to plastic, which really gave Rubba-Dubb Ducks a push forward. We have also started producing quite a few accessories and necessities for Rubba-Dubb Ducks-ducks. You can take a closer look at these on the products page.

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