My father allways gave me a Rubba-Dub for christmas, and I felt I was really something special. I remember the times when I sat by the bathtub for hours, just watching my little Rubba-Dub Ducks-duck floating and dipping in the water. After a while it would sink, and I went into my room starting to code another program on my little switch-board-computer. Had it not been for the Rubba-Dub Ducks-ducks, I wouldn't have been where I am today, and so, I thank you guys at Rubba-Dub Ducks Ltd. and wish you the best of luck in the times to come...

-Bill Gates

Our children loves the Rubba-Dubs'... First our little girl wouldn't play with them, since they were too "boyish", but after we started buying your ducks with long hair - or just a couple of ducks together with one or two upgrade-wigs - she won't go anywhere without at least one Rubba-Dub with her. Keep up the good work !

-Per Knutsen

Dear Sirs,

Never have I had such a good salesweek as when I first started selling Rubba-Dub ducks on TV-Shop. People went crazy, and the phones were virtually glowing. Excellent idea to bring this thing to Norway, because this is really something that the isolated Norwegians have been missing.

Yours sincerely,
Knut Bjørnsen

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