Welcome to the
IRC (Internet Relay Chat)!

IRC is the most used protocol for realtime chatting on the Internet.

Here at The Gathering '98, IRC will be used as a prime communication channel between the organizers and the participants during the party. IRC is extremely popular in Norway, and every night several thousand people (mostly younger) meet and socialize on IRC (on various IRC networks). The world's largest IRC network is called EFnet, and all IRC channels concerning The Gathering '98 will be located here. The organizers do not support channels on other networks.

If you are an experienced IRC user, go right ahead and join our main channels (naturally on EFnet):

      #TheGathering - The official English-only information and discussion channel.

      #tg98 - High volume chat channel. Norwegian is the main language here. A Norwegian version is also available.

If you are inexperienced with IRC and would like to chat with other participants before, during and after The Gathering '98, please visit this page to learn how to get started. You will also find relevant information on different networks, servers, IRC-clients, links and expressions.

The IRC crew at The Gathering support and manage the official TG IRC-channels. If you have any questions that cannot be answered by the channel operators, contact any of the following persons:

meco   -  admin
edison,   FaceMan,   noring,   zniper and   solus   -  programmers