#tg98 is the heart of The Gathering. We expect most of the participants to stay here, chatting, discussing. We are prepared for an extremely high number of users on this channel, and to deal with this there has been an IRC-project going on for the last few months to develop a brand new administration-system for this channel. The channel #tg98 will be ruled on a slightly different way than other IRC channels:

-The channel will be moderated. This means that nobody can talk on the channel without having been assigned voice (+v, a plus-mark in front of ones nick).

-Only registered users will be given voice. Everybody joining the channel will be asked to register by one of the bots on the channel. When you are done with the registration process (you will be guided through this by the bot), you will get voice on the channel. To register you will need the user-ID which is placed on the entrance card you get when you register yourself at the entrance. Additionally, you must have a password which consists of THE FIRST FOUR numbers of your password during the registration process in Vikingskipet. Users who want to register, but are not participants at The Gathering, or for some particular reason do not wish to use their user-ID and password they have been assigned in Vikingskipet, will get a quarantine of 6 hours following the completion of the registratio,n before they are assigned voice on the channel (this is to prevent people involved in harmful activities from reregistering when they lose their voice on the channel).

-All registration and voicing will occur automatically. Unvoicing will also occur automatically if a user breaks the rules and regulations of the channel. There are also operators on the channel who strike against users breaking the rules and regulations. If one loses ones voice, it will take some time to regain it, depending on the severity of the offence. NB: If you lose your voice you will not be able to say anything public on the channel! In most cases the reaction will be a warning and unvoicing. Kicking and banning of users will only occur in exceptional cases. A central feature of the system is that all registered users will have an opportunity to upload information about themselves, as well as a picture, which will be available for all others through the channel's website. Only registered users will have this opportunity.

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