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At The Gathering we have a few simple and pretty obvious rules we want you to follw:
  • Fireregulations allow us sleep inside the hall (in fact, the fire dept. is at the side of the hall, so they'll watch over us).
  • Political, racist and religious activities will not be tolerated.
    The organizers reserve EXCLUSIVE right to determine what will be tolerated or not.
  • Commercial activity or trading will not be allowed without prior written permission from the organizers. (And a proper bribe of course).
  • Alcohol, drugs, firearms, projectile weapons, fireworks and nuclear devices not intended for transportation are not allowed inside or immediately outside the hall.
  • No flammable unnecessary material allowed. This includes gas-containers or similar.
  • We will not be held responsible for damaged or stolen property.
  • Software piracy, hacking and illegal swapping will not be tolerated.
    Hacking the network is probably fun, but so is living the rest of your life without any testicles!!
    Remember!! Norwegians eat Rudolf's testicles for X-mas.

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