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Our sponsors

The complete network of the hubs and switches

Media partner deluxe

Proud sponsor of the PC-demo compo, the Quake compo and ALL the mainservers

Proud sponsor of the HTML compo and 6Mbit Internet connection
Telenor Internett

Media partner

Proud sponsor of the Totally WiLD compo and the very special Mr. Lee WiLD noodle compo
Mr. Lee

Other sponsors:
Guru SoftwareProud sponsor of the GFX - Raytrace compo
MicrosoftSoftware and support
NetshopProud sponsor of the GFX - Pixel compo
NovellSoftware and support
PowertechServerspace and reboot service
RiddlersProud sponsor of the Amiga intro
ScalaPresentation software and proud sponsor of the Scala-compo! :-D
AxilVideocompression server. 8 CPU's, 2Gb RAM, 96Gb HDD
PSI Norge ASRegistration printers
BMG AriolaPresents 'Fluff' - TG97 music-compo winner
Cafe @ccessSalesstand at TG
Compo DataSalesstand at TG
ElectrocompanietFinally gives audio a new, superb dimension at TG
InnerloopPresents Joint Strike Fighter - The Game
ODSMain enterprise switches
TeknoProud sponsor of BOTH music compos
Team 17Worming around presenting Team17
3dfxProud sponsor of the 3dfx compo. 3D technology at it's best - Voodoo2
NintendoGaming compo sponsor
IngamesProud sponsor of the PC 64K intro
Viking ComputerProud sponsor of machines and server for the Quake-compo. Will also have a sales-stand at TG98
FlukeFluke Test Equipment, keeping the net up and running
Silicon GraphicsProud sponsor of a brand new SGI O2 to the best-in-show prize

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