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Do you want to start your own Company?

Thomas Høegh, of London and New York based venture capital company Arts Alliance, will provide future entrepeneurs at TG with some useful advice on how to start a high tech/new media company. Arts Alliance portfolio companies include Firefly, Planet All, Cybersites, Launch Audiosoft and TheDJ. With him Høegh brings from the newly established Norwegian seed capital fund "Start Fondet", Oddvar Aaserud, and Ingar Ostby from Venture Partners in Oslo, who have invested in several internet companies in Norway, including Jobshop and Salgsnett.

From democodingdØØd to gamecodinghero?

Johan Overbye from Innerloop presents a symposium covering the field of going from scenedemoprogramming to coding real games. He's been in the scene for years, and codes in C, Assembly, Pascal and C++. His mainfield of expertise is low- and highlevel 3D-gfx code with Glide and DirectX libraries. He's also responsible for the 3d-fractal-landscaping routine in Joint Strike Fighter. He also knows a shitload about all the new techniques and gfx-processors coming out.

Interested in participating?

All these symposiums are set for Thurday afternoon starting at 16:00, and it would be nice receiving an email from you if you would like to participate.

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