The Gathering 1999, Hamar, Norway. 31/3-99 - 4/4-99



General rules for The Gathering

  • Smoking or drinking within the party area is not allowed.
  • People caught drinking or intoxicated might be told to leave the party.
  • Please stay quiet during events on the stage. That means turn off your loudspeakers and don't shout to your buddy 10 rows away.
  • Harassing other people at the party is not tolerated. Behave and be nice to everyone :)
  • If we catch you doing sabotage on the network, other peoples property or acts like a general idiot, we will escort you out from the hall with your equipment.

General - Food - Seating - Competitions - Network

General stuff

Who came up with the name "TheG FAQ"?
  • Pim Mo Hair
When is the Party being held?
  • The party Will be held 31.3 - 4.4 1999 The doors will open at 08:00 on the 31. and close at 16:00 in the 4th.
  • TG99 will be held at the VikingShip in Hamar, same as TG96, TG97, and TG98.
How old do I have be to get in?
  • We don't really have any minimum age requirements, but we have to say that we excpect the attendees to be able to take care of them selves, and be able to feed themselves. If you fall outside these categories, then I would recommend coming with a parent/Guardian/older sibling.
How much does the ticket cost?
  • The tickets cost 425,- NOK plus the post-offices' handling fee at 10,-
Where do I sleep at TG?
  • You sleep mainly on and around the bleechers/stands/tribunene. You should bring a sleepingbag and a mat to put under it. The concret is hard to sleep on :) Or bring a portable bed or whatever makes you sleep well at night.
Why can't I sleep in the halls around the wardrobes?
  • This is a security measurement. In case of an emergency the halls are to be used for evacuation, and if people sleep there while hordes run thru, a lot of people will be stepped on. And we must follow the safety regulations in Vikingskipet.
Where can I stash my computer boxes and bags?
  • You can put them at the empty spaces on the sides of the tablerows against the walls.
Where are the toilets and showers?
  • There will be a map at the infodesk showing locations for these facilities.
How can my parents get hold of me at TG, and can they visit and look?
  • Best way is to have a cellphone they can reach you with. Once you are inside the hall, they will not be able to enter the party area wihout paying to get in. The infodesk might can locate you and send an ICQ or IRC message to get hold of you, but don't count on this. Calling up your name over the speakers is not too efficient either. So, make appointments in advance on when and where you will meet them, either during or after the party. People without a ticket will not be allowed inside the party area! Very speacial reasons will ofcourse be taken under consideration. Carrying your equipment is not one of them, so ask a friend or someone else for help if you need it.
What's included in the ticket price?
  • 5 days of fun fun fun, a seat, a network cable.
Will there be an option for daily tickets?
  • There will be sold tickets for one day which lasts from 10:00 - 18:00. The price wil bee NOK 100,- but you will pay full price when you buy it and get a refund when you leave. A tablespace is not included with this ticket.
How will the entrance system work when I arrive at TG?
  • When you arrive you will get a wristband in exchange for your ticket. Then you will be allowed inside to find your preassigned seat. If you don't have a ticket and we have spaces left, you can buy a ticket at TG.
Where should I sit once inside the hall?
  • All the seats are numbered as well as the row. Find your seat and enjoy yourself. If someone has taken your seat or takes some of your space tell them politely that it's your seat, or get help if neccessary. If everyone remembers exactly where they are supposed to sit we won't have a problem with this.
Do I have to bring my own PC?
  • We do not have the possibility to lend or rent out computers at TG99, so if you intend to use one you must either borrow someone elses or bring your own.
If I bring a computer, do I need a networking card? Does the card has to be a certain kind?
  • It's actually up to yourself. If you want to connect to the party network and use internet you need to have a network card. The card must also be TP compliant (it uses a phoneplug type connection). If you don't have a network card, you can buy one at TG99 for a reasonable price. Check out the network section for more information.
Do I have to stay at TG99 the whole time it lasts?
  • No, you can come and go as you please, but be sure NOT to loose your wristband. This is your entry ticket during the whole party.
Must I compete in some of the competitions?
  • Of course not, but if you want to, check out the demo and gaming compo pages on the Gathering web pages.


How much will the food cost at TG and what do they sell?
  • There is a cafeteria in Vikingskipet, but the prices are tuned to sportsarrangements, not to you living there for 5 days. They sell mainly junkfood. You can also call a local pizza place and order pizza, but you are 100% responsible to be at the entrance and get the pizza when it arrives. We will not announce over the speakers that it is here. If you don't arrive in time the pizza might have been sold to someone else.
Should I bring my own food to TG and will I be able to cook it?
  • Unless you want to buy non-cheap junkfood, you might want to bring some yourself. The days where grocery stores are open you can go there and buy. It's not too much of a walk to get there. We can not provide you with an oven or microwave to cook your food, and you're not allowed to bring them yourself either. We're sorry.
Can I bring a microwave oven to TG?
  • No
Can I bring a refridgerator to TG?
  • No, bring a cooler instead.
Can I bring a waterboiler to TG?
  • As a rule no, we will have no water boiling among the computers at all. Water and computers do not mix.
Can I cook food on my "primus"?
  • NO! And leave it at home.

Your seat

How big can my speakers be, and can I build a speaker stand over my monitor?
  • As long as you can fit them on your reserved tablespace we don't care. If you build some sort of speakstand make sure it is of NO danger what so ever for others. And make sure to turn off your speakers when something is happening on the stage.
How big is the space I get at TG?
  • Your seat is 80x120cm big. That is 80cm wide and 120cm deep. Within this space you should place all you computer/hifi equipment. You will each get one poweroutlet and one network connection. If you need more than one power connection be sure to bring a grounded plugboard or similar for all your powercords.
How much electricity is estimated per.person?
  • 1 ampere

Competitions and the stage

When are the deadlines for competitions and what are the prices?
  • Check on the web pages for the competitions.
What gamecompos are being held at TG and how do I enter?
  • Check the competition webpages.


How should I setup/prepare my computer before I arrive at TG?
  • Check the network webpages.
What IRC channels and servers will be used before and during TG?
  • Before TG go to an EFNet server and join #tg99.
What Kinda Networking will we get?
  • At the moment we are looking at approx. 4300 10Mbit Switched ports. All From Cisco of course :)
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