The Gathering 1999, Hamar, Norway. 31/3-99 - 4/4-99

Movie List

These are the approximate playing times from the Film Crew and you should expect minor changes.

23:00 The Big Hit
02:00 Out of Sight
05:00 Star Trek, First Contact
08:00 Austin Powers
11:00 Rush Hour
14:00 Foredragsholder fra DPH
19:00 Waterboy
21:00 Desperado
23:00 Lock Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels
02:00 Blade
04:15 Ghost in the Shell (manga)
06:00 A Fish Called Wanda
08:00 Practical Magic
10:00 Coming to America
12:00 The Negotiator
14:00 ? Leon +25 minutes version
16:00 ? Small Soldiers
Unknown as of yet Fletch
Unknown as of yet Armageddon
Unknown as of yet Space Jam
Unknown as of yet As Good As It Gets
Unknown as of yet 5th Element
Unknown as of yet Liar Liar

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