The Gathering 1999, Hamar, Norway. 31/3-99 - 4/4-99


Ok, go into your network part in Controlpanel and remove everything else than:

- Support for Microsoft Network
- Your network card
- Sharing for Microsoft Network
Properties: LMAnnounce Disable

Click properties on TCP/IP and make it use DHCP for IP assignment. Then make WINS server lookup use DHCP. And disable DNS support and remove everything in the gateway section.

If you want to share drives remember to put in a password and do not share the entire C: . Remember to go into controlpanel-password and disable remote administration. At least put a password here.

More info is coming.

Sincerly, Network Section.

Okay..I have drawn up an overview of the network..
As allways ANYTHING can and will change :).. look at the plan here

a little update for you ppl!.. A Certain Company have agreed to supply us with enough network equipment to supply YOU the party person with a total of :

4300 10 Mbit Switched Ports

and when it comes to the backbone..well let's say it like this: "hmm Gigabit...HAHAHHAHAHA..peanuts!":)


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