The Gathering 1999, Hamar, Norway. 31/3-99 - 4/4-99

The Gathering RC5 Project

Distributed Computing

This is an official The Gathering 99 project.

On these pages you will find some info about the RC5-64 project, how it all started, who started it and what the general purpose is.

The Gathering 99 have its own team at distributed registrered as "The Gathering 1999". If you like to participate in this gathered contribution to find that key we all are looking for (read more under the infopages), you can join our team, there might even be a small price if you are the lucky one.

From these pages you will also find links to where you can download the client to crack some keys. When you have this client just use email "". (More complex info on how to join you will find under the "How to Join" page).

Those who are on the TGRP-team, MUST adjust these settings as fast as they can. The email in use should be "", and there is a new keyserver (proxy) to be used for those crunching for the TG99-team;
Port: 2064

If you find any broken links, or other things that arent correct in these pages, please report them to webadmin at

Organizer:   Bjørn Andreas Wentzel [ CliQ ]
Co-Organizer: Håkon Keul [ Trident ]
Webadmin:  Marius Laksholm [ liten ]
IRC-Admin: Jan Arve Nygård [ ThinkTwo ]
IRC-Admin: Terje Sørlund [ Dj-Raver ]

Official irc channel: #tg99.rc5 on EfNet [ ]
Official web page:

Todays quote: "The next war will determine, not what is right, but what is left"

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