The Gathering 1999, Hamar, Norway. 31/3-99 - 4/4-99


Hi all!

We are now setting up the new webpages for TG00. As you can see work is still being done, so enhance your calm a little while longer. The site should be up this week properly.


You're all invited to the wedding of a lifetime.

On Saturday April 22nd, at TG00 Shady and MsKinky invites you all to participate in their wedding with all the bells and whistles becoming of such an event.

Shady and MsKinky found that after 4 years of living in sin, the only way of doing this right would be do it with all their friends and families present. There is no other place or time with all of them present as during TG, so we decided to include all of you.
Clothing will be informal for the occasion for participants, and we promise you a piece of the wedding cake. (Which makes it one of the worlds largest weddings and wedding-cake as well).

To make this a true scene-event, we would like declare an unofficial wedding song contest. So if you want to make us the song to walk MsKinky up the isle, please compete.

Congratulations and contributions can be sent to either: or

Laaaaaaaaarge Picture

checkout this Picture..
it's huuuge!....well..357Kb ain't excatly large :)..


Picture Gallery & Movies too..

SOME people want to show off their "skillz"(or lack off)
with a will start to collect pictures from ppl who
want to show off :).. so.. Mail me (Per) at
if you got any...and I'll plonk up a Image Gallery..
And if you would PLEASE!!!! make som nice and small Thumbnails(80x60)with matching filenames :)..

[added later] I OBVIUSLY have a twisted personality..Instead of going to bed(alone)
I'm STILL sitting here!!! .. goddam :)..
oh well.. check out this large mpeg movie
!!!OBSOBS!!! it's 22Megz :)..
As the ppl who're in it speaks norwegian I'll add some info about what takes place
It's a recording made so that we can PROVE that we have beaten the last World Record for Temporary Network. The old one was a couple of hundred machines in 24 hours, while we did ..........




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