Complete list of winners! d'arcy | 2002-04-02
Here's the complete list of winners! Want to download the submissions, check out

The Gathering 2002 is over.. d'arcy | 2002-03-31
We had a blast, and we hope this week rocked your world as well! Thanks for being such great participants, hope to see you back here next year!

All the comporesults and submissions will soon be uploaded to the 'Compo Entries'-page for your viewing plesure. - Download them, get inspierd, and make even better ones to next years compos!

We wish you all a safe journey home, - good luck and godspeed (huhu) - until next time.

- The Info:Web-crew!

Timeset! d'arcy | 2002-03-31
Be aware of the fact that summertime broke loose this night, and you should all set your time one hour ahead. Please make sure you're ride knows 'bout this, so there wont be any misunderstandings.
The schedule for the demo-awardshow will go on 'new' time.

For all you drivers out there - SLEEP! We want you safe at home and ready for a new gathering next year =)

TG02 EOF praetorian | 2002-03-31
12:00: The net goes down

13:00: Power down

16:00: Everybody must be out of the hall

Find bugs and get cash! d'arcy | 2002-03-30
To good to be true? Fanta's giving away 5000 NOK to the person who finds the biggest bug in the Fanta game at!

We know that there's a backdoor in, can you find it?

send your suggestions to!

And the winners are.. d'arcy | 2002-03-30
Check out the winners in the Pixeled Graphics, the Rendred Graphics, the 64k-intro and the fast music-compo! click here.. or here.. hehe

TG02 SMS list praetorian | 2002-03-30
Please send TG02 OK to 1938 to verify your SMS-number. By verifying you have the chance of winning a brand new Siemens M50! (kr1,50)

All participants can verify themselves by sending a SMS containing TG02 OK to 1938, you will then be added to the TG02 SMS-list.

You can join more SMS-lists by sending: TG02 JOIN listname to 1938
(1.50 kr to sign up and 1.50 kr pr each SMS you recieve!)

The following lists are available:
LIVE - info liveshow
DEMO - info democompos (including anim)
GAME - info game-compos
FILM - info movie schedule

To sign off a list, send TG02 STOP listname to 1938. To sign off all lists, send TG02 STOPALL to 1938.
If you get any problems, contact NN in the south-end of the ship.

Geekstuff`s hardware auction | 2002-03-30
Geekstuff`s hardware auction will be held at the stage 16:00. Read more at

64k and alternativ platform! d'arcy | 2002-03-30
Check out the submissions to the 64k-intro at !

remember to vote at

Fast music! d'arcy | 2002-03-30
Download the Fast Music submissions at , pick your favorite, and vote at !

troubles? check for more information.

Night tickets... | 2002-03-30
For those of you who are keen on seeing the most major compos here at The Gathering - the Amiga, PC, Anim/Wild and the HiQuality music compo, we are pleased to announced that you now can buy tickets too see this...

At 19:00 we`ll start selling tickets that`ll allow you to stay untill the end of the party, and they cost 300,- NOK.

Rendered and pixeled graphics d'arcy | 2002-03-30
The compoentries for Pixeled and Rendred graphics is realeased.

click here for pixeled and here for Rendred.

Please go to to vote!

Guide to TG d'arcy | 2002-03-29
Check out !

Better safe than sorry (gah) d'arcy | 2002-03-29
Please remember to keep your valuable items in a safe spot or on your persona at all times!

The network praetorian | 2002-03-29
The result from the survey on about the Gathering shows that the network are what people aren't satisfied with. We are now thinking about disabling this feature next year ;-)

If you do like to have a network also next year, maybe you should think about changing your answers in the survey ;-)


TG-auctions | 2002-03-29
The first official tg-hardware auction will be held tomorrow. If you got anything to sell at this auction, head over to the Geekstuff stand.

Win a trip to E3! | 2002-03-29
Yep, that`s right! Funcom are now hosting an Anarchy Online competition, free for everyone here at The Gathering.
Among the prizes are a trip to E3 (Electornic Entertaiment Expo) in Los Angeles.


Personal Hygiene and other unfamiliar things d'arcy | 2002-03-29
Ok, we just got to remind you guys, please, please, p l e a s e; take showers, wash your hands after going to the toilet (we know you don't do this; we've only changed ONE soap-dispenser in the whole ship since tg-started. Now, that's a bit sad considering we got 4700 people in here, dont ya think.) - eat, drink (something without koffein for a change) - and for the love of god - sleep. Don't want you guys to pass out on day 3, yeh know. =)

WymeN trailer... | 2002-03-29
Here`s a little trailer/teaser to get you geared before tonights show - download it here - (right click - save target as, for all you IE-guys)

LO compos! | 2002-03-29
LO are running a competition with a mainprize of 40,000,- NOK!

- Animation/Flash for LO Ungdom
- Soundlogo for LO Ungdom
- Logo for LO Ungdom

More info on

All submissions are to be handed in on a cd at the LO stand.

Fastmusic samplepack praetorian | 2002-03-29
Get it here! Democrew encourage everyone to READ THE RULES! -> | 2002-03-29
The TGTV guys (which are a part of the Vision crew) now have a website up, where you can download several cool videos, and see what they`re doing. check out for more info...

Diesel competition praetorian | 2002-03-29
Win over 10 000 kroner in Diesel clothing! Enter the competition by answering the survey.

Tracked music-compo download! d'arcy | 2002-03-29
Not sure who to vote for in the tracked music-compo? Listen to the contributions again on your own computer - download at and vote for your favourite.

We've encoded the files in the free ogg vorbis-format, since this format has superiour quality (kicks MP3's ass!) and is.. well.. free. :)
You can download a decoder/plugin for your favourite player at

Voting | 2002-03-29
You want to vote? No problem! Voting isn't just dead easy, it's also your right as a TG-participant. To vote in the compos, just login at, choose "Compos" and then "Vote" next to the compo you want to vote in. Select the bullet-buttons next to the prouctions you want to vote for. You can only choose three contributions so choose wisely. :)

Download pages... | 2002-03-29
We now got the Download pages up and running, the CSP-Netbrowser and some movies from TGTV are already online, so go there quick!

Microsoft compo praetorian | 2002-03-28
Tired of sleeping in a seated position?

Join the MSN-competition to win a soft and comfortable bed!
A new competition every day at

Todays questions:
Question 1:What TV-brand do Microsoft have on their stand?
1. Sony 2. Thompson 3. LG

Question 2:How fast is the Xbox's CPU?
1. 1.1 GHz 2. 733 MHz 3. 800 MHz

Question 3:Does Xbox have a built-in harddrive?
1. Yes 2. No

Question 4:Is it possible to play DVDs on Xbox?
1. No, only WMV 2. Yes (remote controll required) 3. No, only VCD

Question 5:How many analouge buttons on the Xbox joypad?
1. 7 2. 6 3. 100

Answer just with 1:1 (if i.e the answer to question one was choice number 1)

... after you`ve answered these questions and sendt the answers in to, why not take a trip to Microsoft`s stand and try out some of their cool, new products?
(It`s located next to the scene and game-area)

ASUS logo-competition: Win a GeForce4! d'arcy | 2002-03-28
ASUS need a new, cool logo and wants YOUR
help! Create the new killer logo for the leading
motherboard and gfx-board company in the world!

Submit your entries trough zepo:

NGF/Apple-compo: Win an iMac d'arcy | 2002-03-28
Visualize the positive and cool elements of the iMac.
Focus on the phat design, the good userinterface,
the excellent multimedia-packaging, Mac usergroups etc.
Short and to the point: What's cool with the iMac?"

Impress us with your imaging skills, webdesign, animation
or other forms for visual art!

The rules from the other competition applies here also.
For example; if you deliver an image, you have to follow
the rules specified for that compo. All rules are available

Submit your entries trough zepo: - having trouble using zepo? check before mailing us. Good luck!

Recycling - win cool prizes! d'arcy | 2002-03-28
For each 0.5l bottle/can you deliever at TG you get 1 ticket, for each 1.5l you get 3 tickets. Bottles can be delievered in the south-end of the hall. The tickets you collect are valid every day of the party. This means you will have the chance of winning a price every day. There will be a price ceremony 20:00 tonight.
The lottery is hosted and sponsored by ReSirk. Todays 1st prize is brought to you by Diesel.

CSP-NetBrowser praetorian | 2002-03-28
CSP-NetBrowser up and running. Get the client here.

Take good care of your sleepingbag | 2002-03-28
Because of the limited space in the hall, we must ask for you all to take your sleepingbag back to your seat when you`ve awaken. If we find any unattended bags these will be removed. | 2002-03-28
Due to the high frequency of viruses appearing on the network, we would like it if everone installed a anti-virus program, and scanned through their machine.

You can find the latest Norman AntiVirus at

Webdesigncompo! | 2002-03-28
The Gathering 2002

Reality TV:

-4500 people

-5 days

-surrounded by cameras

- in a Viking Ship

-Who will stay awake?
-Who dares try the burgers?

New reality TV show brought to you by KANDU.


Create a profile and Web-solution for the new reality TV show.
Here are some name examples, though you can create your own idea too. Surprise us :)

"Leet Factor" (Fear Factor)
"Monkey Island" (Temptation Island)

Or use your imagination :)

Do something original, what makes this unique. How can you make a fun and interactive web solution.

Remember, we do not allow Server Side Scripting, but you can always simulate what you would like to have scripted if you'd have gone live.

(Eg. Gif anims or Flash objects instead of Web-Cams or polls and forms with no recipient.)

Contributions must be in Demo-Crew hands by 13:00 on Friday

Good luck :)

(Looking forward to the Shower scenes;)

- Markus ( Demo Crew

Lego MindStorm! d'arcy | 2002-03-28
The first Lego MindStorm-compo will be held on Thursday at 18.00 and
the second will be held on Saturday at 18.00. Please registrer for the
compo by sending us an email at Remember to
include your name, email, your location and the name of your entry.

For more information about the Lego MindStorm-compo, please visit We've already
uploaded pictures of the first 5 entries.

Linux distros mirrored | 2002-03-27
The ever-so-lovely Tech:Linux crew have now downloaded the most popular Linux distros - Debian, Gentoo, Mandrake, Red Hat and Slackware - and hosted them on their ftp -

They also got FreeBSD, so if you`re an Open-Source fan, head right over!

Recycling @ TG02 praetorian | 2002-03-27
For each 0.5l bottle/can you deliever at TG you get 1 ticket, for each 1.5l you get 3 tickets. Bottles can be delievered in the south-end of the hall. The tickets you collect are valid every day of the party. This means you will have the chance of winning a price every day. There will be a price ceremony 2200 tonight.

Tonight's price is a 40x Plextor CD-writer and 125 CD-R!

Nectarine Demoscene Radio | 2002-03-27
NLC are running a local relay for the demoscene radio Nectarine, click here to listen...











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