Winners of the Siemens SMS compo | 2002-05-26
- Joakim Sveen
- Joachim Blaabjerg
- Bjørn Arild Smedstad

They have all recieved a Siemens M50 mobile phone.


Complete list of winners! d'arcy | 2002-04-02
Here's the complete list of winners! Want to download the submissions, check out

The Gathering 2002 is over... | 2002-04-02
We had a blast, and we hope this week rocked your world as well! Thanks for being such great participants, hope to see you back here next year!

All the comporesults and submissions will soon be uploaded to the 'Compo Entries'-page for your viewing plesure. - Download them, get inspired, and make even better ones to next years compos!

We wish you all a safe journey home, - good luck and godspeed (huhu) - until next time.

- The Info:Web-crew!

Partyarea | 2002-03-27
Are you at The Gathering? Click here to go to the Partyarea

Please do check the announcement-pages at the Partyarea, since this is were we`ll give you general important info, info about cool competitions, and much more!

Demo / Scene schedule Author not found for this object! | 2002-03-28
Here is the complete schedule for scene-related events during the party.

Partyarea Info | 2002-03-27
As many of you might have noticed, the activity on this site haven`t really been great, but that`s because all news are now being posted in announcements on the Partyarea

There are also several cool competitions that are being announced there, so I`d recommend that you check it out frequently!

Visitortickets info | 2002-03-26
One day tickets will cost 200,-, plus a depositum of 300,-, and is valid between 10:00 to 18:00.

If you arrive 17:00 and leave 21:00, you'll have to pay 500,- (you wont get your depositum back)

Visitortickets allow you to come and go as you'd like, but you will not get a place for a computer, no network or a place to sleep.
Great if you live around Hamar, and got friends at The Gathering.
Prize: 500,-

Secure your computer | 2002-03-26
If you are running Windows NT (NT 4, Windows 2000 and Windows XP) on your computer, it would be wise of you to set a password for your Administrator account, unless you want people to be able to get both read and write access to your harddrive.

Another tip to asure your safety at The Gathering would be to run a virusscan before going here, since some viruses (i.e. Nimda) shares all of your harddrives.

Security rules now up | 2002-03-25
The security rules are now up, both in English and in Norwegian, and we hope that everyone will take the time to read them through before leaving for The Gathering - so head over to Information -> Security rules now!

TG auction | 2002-03-25 will host the official Hardware auction at The Gathering 2002. The auction will be held on Thursday evening, at about 17:00. The proceedings will go to the seller without any commission to

Do you wish to sell hardware you have no need for? Simple, send an e-mail to with a list of the hardware and it's condition.
Please do this before The Gathering starts!

If you wish to buy some hardware, just show up and bid. Information regarding the bidding process will be posted just before the auction starts. The auction will be held on the main stage. Items will be put on display via web ( plus the stage just before the auction starts.

the staff

PartyTicket Info... | 2002-03-24
There will not be used PIN-codes on the PTN cards, so you dont have to worry about staying home waiting for them. (The PTN cards will still be used)

If you are going to make any changes in Partyticket (change user, seat, etc), the last chance to do so is at 12:00 at Monday.

PS: Remember to bring ID, especially if you've only got a printed ticket, this might be needed for verifying that it's acutally your ticket.

Havent gotten a ticket to TG yet? Still trying to sell your TG ticket? Then go to #TG-TICKET at efnet, keep in mind though, people trying to sell their ticket for outrageous prizes will be kicked.

The first webcams are up! | 2002-03-24
That's right, ladies and gentlemen - the very first webcams are up, head over to partyarea -> Webcams, and if that wont get you geared, nothing will :)

Running a webcam at TG? Let me know by mailing with the url of the webcamimage and your nickname, and I'll add you to the list... Please tell when your cam will be up too, so we dont have any broken images on the list.

Spanish pages don Valentin | 2002-03-24
We have set up a section of spanish pages at

Maritza Kvalsvik is editing them, so now you have a good source of spanish TG news, or a good opportunity to learn spanish :)

Lego Mindstorm Compo! | 2002-03-21
This year The Gathering will host a new kind of compo!

Trying to preserve the child in us, some of the crew at The Gathering have been playing with the Lego MindStorm-set. And we're all excited about this fantasic toy. That's why The Gathering will host a Lego MindStorm-compo this year. We're all sorry that we couldn't release this information at an earlier stage, but we hope that some of you who are attending this years The Gathering still will be able to compete! For more information about the compo, check the following url:

Take a look here if you want to see pictures and movies from earlier compos:

If you have any questions, please send an email to











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