What? TG05
When?23.03.05 - 27.03.05
Where? The Vikingship, Hamar, Norway
We are the robots
"Part of the inhumanity of the computer is that, once it is competently programmed and working smoothly, it is completely honest."
- Isaac Asimov
Interview with Navis
Navis, also known as Kostas Pataridis, from Greece took the time to have a few words with us. He is here at The Gathering for the first time, exclusivly for the demoscene. Together with his crew, ASD, he has handed in a demo for the compo later on tonight.
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More interesting facts
If you enjoyed reading the last practical example about the network load, you definetly can't miss this. There are many aspects to the operation of The Gathering that the participants doesn't know about. Being the liberals that we are, we aim to give some of these facts to you.
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Mike and Jess answers your questions
After a fantastic seminar, there are lots of question you readers wants an answer to. We received quite a lot emails with questions for the creators of Counter-Strike, and the questions was answered by Jess Cliffe and Mike Dussault.

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Foreigners at TG
In addition to over 5000 Norwegian nerds, a few foreigners are visiting as well.
We met with two guys travelling all the way from Holland, and this is what they had to say.
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Random 5
We asked 5 random people two questions to see if TG05 was happening this year too.
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Some facts about this years network
By now, everyone should be able to enjoy the massive network at this years TG. If you, like us, are a sucker for statistics, you'll probably enjoy this.
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Resirc lottery
Like previous years, the resirc lottery (Recycle) is back to make The Gathering to an even better place to spend the Easter.
Beside helping you get rid of your empty bottles, cans and other garbage they give away amazing prizes every evening.

This year the profit will help some of the pupils at Østersund Junior High School to travel on a study trip to Auswitch, Poland.
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The casemods has landed
With over 5000 people together under one roof, you need to make an effort to be seen. One way to do this is through case-modding. We have collected a couple of the coolest mods, and talked to the people creating them.
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Interview with some of the participants
Many people choose to improve their seats here at The Gathering. These creative outbursts contribute to a very plesant atmosphere, and are a very welcome phenomenon.
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Early arrivers
The Gathering starts at nine o’clock Wednesday morning. But some people arrives earlier, just to chill out on the parking lot.
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"I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them." - Isaac Asimov