What? TG05
When?23.03.05 - 27.03.05
Where? The Vikingship, Hamar, Norway
At The Gathering 2005 there will be several live performances on stage, the first act we booked were lug00ber and OptimizE - read more about them here:

Hiding behind the aliases lug00ber & OptimizE, Ola Gundelsby and Tor ุines have been producing music together since 1995. Currently based in Oslo the duo is working at Oxygen Studios, cranking out banging beats and distorted basslines on a regular basis.

They are also active in the demoscene, both winners of several competitions at previous Gathering-parties, as well as other norwegian sceneparties. The most recent winning soundtrack was from the winner of the 64k intro-competition at TG04, Nemesis by Excess, Kvasigen and Moondreamers.
Both are members of norwegian demogroup Kvasigen, and lug00ber also sports membership cards with norwegian demogroup Spaceballs, the german division of The Silents (retired) and french demogroup Syn[Rj].

At The Gathering 2005, lug00ber & OptimizE will be playing a set of drum & bass. The set will be consisting mostly of new and unreleased tracks, but expect some demosoundtracks and a couple of surprises as well.

OptimizE (Tor ุines) has been interested in music since he was born. At the age of eight, he made his first song on an organ at home. But it wasn't until 1995 he discovered the wonderful world of trackers. Within seconds, he found the Meaning of Life. In 2000, he converted to more professional audiosoftware and hardware, currently working in Reason and sniffing around Logic.

lug00ber (Ola C. Gundelsby) was found frozen into a glacier in 1990. He was melted out of the glacier and put in a really huge basket outside OptimizE's door. OptimizE took him in and treated him as a normal human being. lug00ber started making music at once. Little is known as to how he did it.
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