What? TG05
When?23.03.05 - 27.03.05
Where? The Vikingship, Hamar, Norway
We are the robots
"Part of the inhumanity of the computer is that, once it is competently programmed and working smoothly, it is completely honest."
- Isaac Asimov
News and articles
New webpage-address
Due to new publishing-systems, the URL https://archive.gathering.org/espresso no longer points to the currently updated site. If you have bookmarked this address, please change it to https://archive.gathering.org so you don't miss out on important news.
Mer om generalforsamling (Norwegian only)
Søndag 11. september 2005 er det generalforsamling (årsmøte) i KANDU.
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Generalforsamling (Norwegian only)
Ordinær generalforsamling i KANDU 11. september 2005
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Ryozom compo results
The results from the Ryozom compo are here. Did you win?
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All compo prizes are now paid
All competition prizes should now be paid and sent out. If you were a winner in any of the TG05-competitions (demo and game), please check your personal account in PTN.
Gotcha! Of course we are not going to host a second party in Oslo, and no; we are not going to build a second flooring in the Vikingship. :) A whole lot of you sent us questions about this and wanted to order tickets, but many also saw through it.

..so yes - of course it was all an april fools joke. :)
Lost & Found
Lost something at TG05? Found something that didnt belong to you? Send a mail to info@gathering.org (subject: Lost&Found) and we'll see what we can do.
What did you lose? Description, color, make and model.
Where did you loose it?
Where did you sit(row, seat)?
Info regarding compo-prizes
Great show! Congratulations to all our compo winners! Be sure to download the contributions and take a look!

Just a quick note to all our winners - we are currently still bringing the party down and the competition-server has to be synced with PTN until we can start sending out the hardware and/or paying out the cash-portion of your prizes. In the meantime - please make sure your address, account-number, mobile phone number etc. is correct in PTN, because that is usually what delays the payout.
This time of year again
It's sunday. Most likely the most depressing sunday of the year. The sunday The Gathering closes up.
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Compo results!
The results from this years competitions are ready. Our congratulations to all winners!
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Creme de la Creme
Tonight the prestigious 64k and Combined Demo awards were handed out, after an awesome show a few hours earlier.
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Daylight-saving time
Tonight at 2 am you will have to set your watch one hour ahead. That means one less hour of solid TG-fun, but we'll just have to live with that. Remember to view and vote for the compos as well!
Questions for Jess and Mike?
Earlier today, Jess Cliffe and Mike Dussault from Valve held a seminar about the road from a MOD to HL2. The event was filmed, and will be released here at a later time. You guys sent in a bunch of questions. Most of them got answered, and the summary of the interview will appear on this website soon.
Check out the compos
As you may have noticed, some of the creative compos are already finished, and are now waiting for your vote! You can watch most of the entries on the big screen (stage). All voting is done through Zepo.

All votes are handed in via the website. Keep checking the schedule and watch out for the "event teaser"-tune from the stage.

May the best man/woman win :-)
Media section
Keep an eye on our new media section for live coverage, web cams and galleries from The Gathering.
Watch your bracelets!
Please do not damage your bracelet in any way. If you cut off the loose ends, the rest may fall off.
Mike and Jess visits TG05
Huge interest around Counter-Strike and Half Life 2 resulted in a full auditorium today, when two of the guys behind Half Life and the popular modification Counter-Strike held a lecture here at The Gathering.
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KANDU Webdesign-compo
KANDU is hosting a webdesign-compo where you can win 1000,- NOK in cash and perhaps some other small prizes. Do you feel like a winner?
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Visit our forum
Our forum is up an running, as allways. If you're wondering anything that might be in interest of the public, or just want someone to chat with, this is the place.

Also note that our deltakerombud (participants representative) has his own section in the forum. Feel free to use this board if you have any (public) questions you want him to answer.
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