What? TG05
When?23.03.05 - 27.03.05
Where? The Vikingship, Hamar, Norway
This time of year again
This time of year again
It's sunday. Most likely the most depressing sunday of the year. The sunday The Gathering closes up. People have been leaving for hours now as everyone want to be the smart one and leave before the queues get to long. As with most other good idea's, it's no longer that good once everyone else gets it as well. At 13:30, 30 minutes before the power is shut down, there are still a few hundred people franticly packing their stuff and rushing out as if they'd be locked in until next TG if they didnt.
Very soon, all that's left will be empty tables and chairs flung around the floor. Well, not counting garbage that no matter where you look clearly tell you that the ship has been invaded by geeks for the past week.
The ship seems to be heated mainly by the heat generated by 5500 people and just as many computers. Now that those are gone, it's getting colder by the minute. Very soon, a wearing a jacket indoor will seem like a good idea again. 50km of cables are taken down. Chairs are gathered, tables are systematicly ripped apart, and the garbage is swept into a small mountain by the largest mop you've ever seen. Within few hours, the hall will yet again be ready for what they call sports, and our memories will be all that's left of TG05. Allthough TG goes to sleep, the people doesnt.The scene will live on, next years demos are beeing prepared, games will be played, and I bet you - TG06 is already beeing planned!
So until next year, on behalf of KANDU and the TG-crew, I wish you a merry xmas and a happy newyear. See you at The Gathering 2006!

Info:Content Chief - Trygve Brox / domino
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"I do not fear computers. I fear the lack of them." - Isaac Asimov