Blackmarket FAQ praetorian | 2002-02-12
These are some points that you need to be aware of before buying or selling a ticket on the black market:

Q: Why do you dislike black market sales so much?
A: It unfair to the thousands that are waiting for a ticket. It is also in the grey area of what one should be doing within the law. Strictly speaking, it's not illegal as per say, but you do break incometax laws on making a profit.

Q: If it's not illegal, you can't do anything to me!
A: Even if it's not illegal by law, TG has stated it does not like black market activities, and binds you buy contract upon getting the ticket in the firstplace on being non-profit. This is binding, and makes your attempts a breach of conduct. TG then has the rights to do what it wants. PTN follows this policy set by TG as it's customer, and we must say we're quite happy in doing so.

Q: But I don't want my ticket, so I want to sell it.
A: You can sell it back to the system and get a refund less the ticket fee.

Q: But if I bought more than one ticket, I'm actually selling it to a friend?
A: Technically yes. We do however understand that friends normally does not make a profit on helping other friends. So taking money for giving the ticket to your friend for the price of the ticket is fine. What is more important, your friend should be able to trust the buyer of the ticket, who ALWAYS will be the owner of the ticket.

Q: But I bought a ticket, why can't you change the owner of the ticket to me?
A: Because of set practices should make it impossible for people to transact tickets without involving close trust. If you can't, you shouldn't buy the ticket from any other than PTN. The owner (the one that pays for the ticket to PTN) cannot be changed. The owner of a ticket can always move the seat and change the user.

Q: So what happens if I want to cheat in line and buy a ticket from a scalper?
A: Because the owner can always change the user, you stand an excellent chance of getting screwed over by the scalper. He is already breaking the rules, so it's very easy for him to remove you as a user and sell the ticket to someone else. Remember, he's a scalper, not your friend!

Q: What do you do with scalpers?
A: When we find that someone is scalping tickets (it's so easy, don't even bother) we invalidate all his tickets, including his own. We do give a supension period to allow for complaints. Only the owner (the orginal one) can complain to us about the suspension. You will be given information about why and if the tickets were revoked, and you can place civil charges towards the scalper for fraud if you'd like. We'd be happy to support you in doing so, but your ticket will still be invalid.

Q: What about the abuse of printed tickets? They're SO easy to copy.
A: Yes. The actual ticket does not guarentee access, every single ticket number is checked by the system at the entrance, so a ticket number can only be used once, even if you photocopied 10000 of the same ticket. If a printed ticket has been used before, you gave it someone else.

Q: So what should I do?
A: If you have a ticket, go into the system and check that you are the user of a ticket with that number. If you are not, you are not the user of the ticket and you can't use it.

Q: So what if somebody makes a last minute change?
A: All tranactions are locked within a week of TG. After this, you can't change user or seater of the ticket. The only exception is for those who have not assigned one, and they get only ONE try.











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