Parent Info | 2002-01-27
Dear parent,
Even though we cannot personally guarantee for your son or daughter's
safety and wellbeing on The Gathering, we can guarantee to you that
we'll do the best that we can so that he/she will have a great
easter holiday and come home in one piece. We have 9 years of
experience with parties like this, and our crew of over 150
professionals in all ages will do their best to make the party go
like we want it to do. We have done this since 1992, and many of us
started back then as attendants before we joined the crew to be a
part of the organizers of the year's Biggest happening (with big 'B')
We want, with this document, to provide people with information that
they need to know for realizing what The Gathering is all about. We
also want to stress that we during the pary will have information
as one of our primary goals for providing for our attendants,
visitors and parents, in any way possible.

Before and during The Gathering, you are welcome to contact us if
you have any questions about the party. We have a reception manned
24 hours a day, and a 24 hour hotline for those who want to call us.

Due to practical reasons we would like all communication before the
party to happen in email, but we will have a limited oppertunity
to accept questions on phone number [ coming later ]

Even though we have no age limit, we strongly reccomend that young
people under the age of 16 doesn't attend alone. Although you know
your children best, and are able to decide if your sibling should
attend. In any cases you should provide him/her with a cellphone,
so that you can get in direct contact in case that is desireable.
As an extra precaution, please write down the ticketnumber that is
printed on the ticket (or take a xerox copy of it) so that we can
locate your siblings in those cases where we need to get in touch
with them on behalf of you.











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