F.A.Q. | 2002-01-26
Q: I've heard something about codes (like a pin code) of some kind when I get to TG? Where do I get it?
A: All the info you need will be given you in either email or sms. Make sure both are valid at partyticket.net

Q: I'm driving to TG, is there parking space in the vincinity of The Viking Ship?
A: Yes there is a LOT of parking space around The Viking Ship, and it's for free too :)

Q: Will I be able to buy tickets through BillettService this year?
A: No. Tickets will only be sold at www.partyticket.net

Q: Where will TG02 be held?
A: At 'Vikingskipet', Hamar, Norway.

Q: How many people will attend TG02?
A: 4500 +/-

Q: How much does it cost?
A: 515,-

Q: When will TG02 be held?
A: From 27th to 31st of March.

Q: I represent a company that's interested in sponsoring TG02 - who should I contact?
A: Vegard Skjefstad. vegard@gathering.org

Q: How old do I have to be to attend TG02?
A: There arent any set age, but you'll have to be able to take care of yourself.

Q: Can I sit with my friends?
A: Yes, you can pick seats next to eachother in Partytickets tablereg.

Q: I've lost the Partyticket-card I got last year? What do I do?
A: You'll register your card as 'lost' in Partyticket

Q: Will the TG-newsserver be up this year?
A: No, we're using a web-based forum this year, forums.gathering.org

Q: Am I allowed to bring my loudspeakers with an external amplifier?
A: NO!

Q: Do I need my own computer to attend TG02?
A: No, but we wont lend you one, and you wont have much fun without one.

Q: Is there any official TG irc-channel?
A: Yes. #TG at EFnet

Q: What kind of card do I need to connect to the network at TG?
A: You'll need a network adapter (no, ISDN cards will not work), compatible of running at 10/100mbit (since the network is 100mbit, you should get a 100mbit card for best performance), with TP-connector.

Q: Do I need an ISDN-card to use the internet at TG?
A: No, the internet is shared through the network.











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