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Game Prize ceremony | 20.04.03

The prize ceremony is at 4:00!

Quake 3: Arena competitions aren't finished yet, and we will have a separate prize ceremony for it later.

Wafrcraft Warcraft III Winners per | 20.04.03

1st place: Dominator
2nd place: UltraleXX
3rd place: Brufser


Counter Strike Counter-Strike competition | 20.04.03

The Counter-Strike competition has finished, here are the results:

1. place: zX9
2. place: Northern Star
3. place: The Feared


Unreal Unreal Tournament 2003 competition | 20.04.03

Results for the UT2003 competition:

1. place: Viruz-2kr
2. place: swiffer
3. place: indrazor


Battlefield 1942 Battlefield 1942 competition | 20.04.03

The BF1942 competition is done! Here are the results:

1. place: Norwegian PimpSquad
2. place: 99th Norwegian Batallion
3. place: TNA


Counter Strike Counter-Strike | 19.04.03

The remaining matches (the final matches in the winners and losers bracket, as well as the final itself) will be played in a moment - if you want to spectate, connect to the HLTV server at, ports 27020 through 27023.

Starcraft Starcraft competition winners! | 19.04.03

1. place: uGu
2. place: TAN
3. place: PWD


Game Go to sleep! | 18.04.03

No competitions will continue earlier than 11:00 on Friday.

The deadline for finishing your round 1 matches in Unreal Tournament 2003 is Friday 11:00. Those of you who still haven't found your opponent: Be in the channel #TG-UT on the EFNet IRC network at Friday 10:00, and meet your opponent there. If you were in #TG-UT at 10:00 and still haven't found your opponent by 11:00, you win by walkover.

Battlefield 1942 Battlefield 1942 is starting now.. d'arcy | 18.04.03

Find your opponent and meet on EFNet IRC to receive server-details. Brackets:!

Unreal Unreal Tournament 2003 competition | 18.04.03

The competition starts now (02:30), so please find your opponent on #tg-ut (on the EFNet IRC network), and when you have found your opponent, ask an administrator for a password.

The brackets can be found here:

Game Quake 3: Arena competition | 17.04.03

Brackets can be found at

Meet at #TG03.Q3 on the Quakenet IRC network ( before the matches to find your opponent. Failing to meet here will be regarded as a no-show.

Match results must be reported to R|flabbert on #tg03 or, also on the Quakenet IRC network (

Wafrcraft Warcraft III - Round 5 | 17.04.03

Round 5 will start tomorrow (Friday) at 11:30.

Unreal Unreal Tournament 2003 | 17.04.03

The UT 2003 competition will start at 01:00! Detailed schedule will come shortly - check back on this page from time to time.

Game Quake 3: Arena competition | 17.04.03

The Q3A compo has been delayed until further notice. Keep checking the web page!

Wafrcraft Warcraft III | 17.04.03

The new bracket for Warcraft III has been moved to Cyberleagues! Check out the link below...

Battlefield 1942 Battlefield 1942 competitions | 17.04.03

There are still teams who haven't played the first round in the BF1942 competition - find your opponent in the channel #TG-Game on the EFNet IRC network and play on one of our servers ASAP!

Game Server configurations | 17.04.03


Game General info | 17.04.03
Our local server is at Note that the server will only accept usernames containing only alphanumeric characters, hyphens (-) and underscores (_) in them.

Battlefield 1942 servers
The official Battlefield 1942 servers are as follows:

Counter-Strike servers
A list of our Counter-Strike servers can be found at

Public servers
For a list, go to If you want to have your own server listed, send a message containing address, port and type of game to nmee on the EFNet IRC network.

StarCraft howto:
WarCraft III howto:
Counter-Strike FAQ:
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General game info d'arcy | 06.02.03

The official tournaments at The Gathering 2003

Counter-Strike 5on5
WarCraft 3 1on1
Battlefield 1942 8on8
Unreal Tournament 2003 1on1
Quake3 4on4
StarCraft:Broodwar 2on2

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Planetarion Planetarion@TG per | 24.03.03

Planetarion-lovers; beware! Planetarion will be at this years TG! Not only will we host the largest LAN-version of Planetarion ever, but you will be among the first ones who will be able to play the next generation of this great game! There are some great new features in this edition and we're sure you'll go head over heels for them when you get to begin your new reign of power..
The game will only be accessable from within the hall.
Here is a preliminary play-schedule (not final, likely to change):

18. April
Registration Opens
Game starts, 1 tick = 1 minute
One hour break
kl 01:00 We Pause the game until next morning
19. April
Game starts up again from where we stopped
One Hour break
One Hour Break
Last inning
kl 22:00

Just making a point here per | 13.03.03

Some more Info about the Electronic Sports World Cup
First The URL:

This is the deal:
The best NORWEGIAN player/Teams will be sent to France july 8th - 13th to play for NORWAY in the cup.

Notice how I keep emphasising NORWEGIAN?
Guess why ?
Because it's the NORWEGIAN QUALIFYER :) get it? :D

How hard are we going to be on this point?
Keep it norwegian guys :)

The Rules will soon be announced too, stay tuned.

Electronic Sports World Cup d'arcy | 06.03.03

The Gathering 2003 is hosting the preliminaries to the Electronic Sports World Cup, which is to be held in Poitiers, France on the 8th to the 13th of July, 2003. The best norwegian clan/players in the following competitions will win a trip to France where they will participate in the ESWP.

Counter Strike 5vs5 (5 persons)
WarCraft 3 (1 person)
Unreal Tournament 1on1 (1 person)

The trip includes hotel with breakfast and The Gathering will pay for the trip itself. More information about the ESWP can be found on their official pages -
[ESWP] Questions regarding this post?

    basic info
  What: TG04
When: 7th of April - 11th of April 2004
Where: The Vikingship, Hamar, Norway
Tickets: 02.02.04
Ticketprice: 570 NOK + PTN fee
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