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TG03 Department of Commerce at TG03! d'arcy | 15.04.03

Last year we invited minister Gabrielsen to open The Gathering, the worlds largest computer party, in the Vikingship at Hamar. Of course, it was a complete success.

Like most good things, this too must have a sequel. This year, we will award two prizes from the DoC during TG03:

1.The Minister of Commerce IT-award for most exciting commercial product or most promising new establishment.

2.The Minister of Commerce IT-award for best, practical concept for a new public service.

The winners will each receive 7000 NOK. The jury will consist of both people from The Gathering and the DoC.
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X-men 2 Movie Madness! d'arcy | 19.04.03

We got hold of quite a few movie artifacts. You know, the usual stuff, posters, DVD's and all that other mumbo-jumbo you hardcore filmfreaks have a certain kind of dream about.
And behold, we are giving it away for free. Just do one of the following :
- Make an X-Men 2 poster - OR:
- Make a Star-Trek wallpaper

cool? then..

Game Microsoft mobile challenge d'arcy | 07.04.03

Microsoft is a proud sponsor of the Gathering 2003, and since this year's event focuses on creativity, knowledge and creation, we would like to invite you to participate in the Microsoft Mobility Challenge. Show your programming talents and make an application for the Microsoft Pocket PC 2002, or design the best theme/homescreen for the Microsoft Smartphone. The best contribution in each class will be rewarded with a QTEK 1010 Pocket PC Phone Edition. This compo will start now and end during the party (exact date/time TBA). All the tools and information you need is available from Microsoft, just follow the link! NOTE: You do not have to be present at TG03 to attend this competition.
[compo page]

pink Norman competition! d'arcy | 07.04.03

Got a neat, fancy server? No anti-virus support? Write your own client to scan those files. If not in your precious "virus-free" filesystem, or should you scan that mailserver of yours? Or do you have some sort of an obscure or obsolete computerized gizmo. Need it scanned for viruses? Probably not. But would it be cool? Definitely. Implement yet another argument for using your beloved platform and win another cool gadget to play with. We know you want to! Check out this page for more information!
[compo page]

    basic info
  What: TG04
When: 7th of April - 11th of April 2004
Where: The Vikingship, Hamar, Norway
Tickets: 02.02.04
Ticketprice: 570 NOK + PTN fee
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thermo plastique
thermo plastique by inf

Party: TG 2002
Rank: 1st
Platform: Windows
size: 8,9 mb - download

live evil
liveevil by mandula

Party: Assembly 2000
Rank: 11th
Platform: Windows
size: 6.9 mb - download

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