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pink Fastmusic contributions available Concrete | 19.04.03

The fastmusic contributions are now available in OGG format for voting purposes. Get them at
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Demo Fast music sample pack released! Concrete | 18.04.03

The fast music sample pack has been released. Go get it at You've got four hours, ladies and gents. Let the games begin!
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TG03 Party schedule Concrete | 17.04.03

In case you havent visited Zepo yet: the link to the schedules for most events at The Gathering 2003 can be found at

Demo Fastintro rules released Concrete | 17.04.03

The TG 2003 fast intro competition follows the same rules as the demo competitions. However, ALL the following items have to be included, or referenced to, in some way or another in your contribution:

Liquorice jellies in boat shapes (lakrisbåter)
A fountain of light (lysfontene)
Wombat (vombat)

Now go get creative, the deadline is thursday 10:00 hours!!
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TG03 Official TG03 invitation released d'arcy | 16.04.03

Excess (or someone who look strangely similar) finally released the official TG03 party invitation. You'll need a PC running Linux (of some sort) or Windows. A reasonably fast GFX-card and some memory (but not as much as Are requires).

Compo list d'arcy | 06.03.03

The preliminary competitionlist is as follows (more competitions will be added later on):

- PC/Mac Demo (consoles allowed)
- Amiga Demo
- Handheld Demo
- 64k Intro
- Wild/Animation
- Tracked Music
- HiQuality Music (OGG/MP3)
- Pixeled Graphics
- Rendered Graphics
- Fast intro
- Fast music
- Webdesign
- Freestyle hacking competition
- Several fast-code competitions!

Gallery of demoscene treats! d'arcy | 06.02.03

We've collected a fair amount of demos, intros, graphics and music from previous events and other parties, and you can find all of them on the gallery-pages. Screenshots, details, filesizes and mirrors for all releases are conveniently managed on this excellent first stop for new and old sceners.
If your favourite demo is missing or there is some essential piece of scene art not already there, feel free to give us a little tip, and we'll try to add it to the collection.
..but talk is cheap - get over to the gallery and dive into the demoscene with these specially selected treats!

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Get your favourite demos on DVD! d'arcy | 06.02.03

The wait is finally over! Sceners from all over the world have been anticipating it's release for over a year, and now; it's done! The MindCandy Volume 1: PC Demos (formerly known as DemoDVD) includes both your and your neighbours absolute scene-faves. The dual-sided disc has one side dedicated to oldskool classics and one side with pure modern eyecandy.
Get it now!

Scandinavian buyers are encouraged to purchase their copy of the demodvd at, while buyers from continental Europe should buy theirs from

On the off-chance that some americans how found their way to this page, you can buy your demodvd natively at
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    basic info
  What: TG04
When: 7th of April - 11th of April 2004
Where: The Vikingship, Hamar, Norway
Tickets: 02.02.04
Ticketprice: 570 NOK + PTN fee
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thermo plastique
thermo plastique by inf

Party: TG 2002
Rank: 1st
Platform: Windows
size: 8,9 mb - download

live evil
liveevil by mandula

Party: Assembly 2000
Rank: 11th
Platform: Windows
size: 6.9 mb - download

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