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Game Temporary webpages d'arcy | 01.02.04

If you've reached these pages you have most likely bookmarked or typed and not
The pages you are looking at are the TG 2003-pages and hold old and invalid information.

Please proceed to our new, temporary webpages at to get the most recent information.
[The Gathering 2004 temporary pages]

PTN stresstest d'arcy | 29.01.04

Ok, the stresstest is over, and the results are in. The winner, who bought 148 FakeTickets(tm), will recieve two (2) tickets to TG04!

We sold 2613 FakeTickets (tm) during our two hour test, we had an average of 22 orders pr minute and the estimated time to sell out all the tickets to TG04 in the real ticketsale is 45 minutes. :P

There where also some attempts of cheating (several people using one account) - but people please, give us some cred. :)

Thanks to everyone who participated!
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pink Ticket Questions d'arcy | 29.01.04

We get tons of questions about the ticket-sales and are unable to answer
all of them as quicky as we would like. Here is the information most often requested:

- You can only buy five (5) tickets at a time
- The only way to pay for your purchase is with VISA/MasterCard or
through internet-banking by using a KID-number (given to you by the system if you choose to use this method of payment)
- There will be a waitinglist as it was last year, so if you do not
acquire a ticket in the primary sales, you might get one from staying on
the waitinglist. Last year over 700 people got their tickets by staying on
the waitinglist, so there -is- hope. :)

For further questions please see our ticket-FAQ which will be updated and put online tomorrow.
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The Gathering infomail d'arcy | 27.01.04

Recently we sent out an email to our norwegian visitors and one to our non-norwegian visitors, to inform you of the ticketsales, admission to our crew and more. A copy of each mail can be read by choosing one of the links below, if you lost it or did not recieve it.

[norske besøkende ] - [ non-norwegian visitors ]

Highlights of the infomails include the time and date of the ticketsales, the ticketprice, and how to apply for our crew.

Game The Gathering 2004 ticketsales d'arcy | 21.01.04

The Gathering 2004 will be held at the Vikingship Arena in Hamar, Norway, from Wednesday the 7th to Sunday the 11th of April.

Ticketsales will open Monday the 2nd of February 2004 at 18:00 and the tickets will be available from The ticketprice will be 570 NOK + fees from PTN.

Please register yourself (or check that your existing PTN-account is in perfect working order) on PTN before this time. Pre-registration does not ensure tickets, but makes the purchase procedure much quicker once the ticketsales starts.

More information about the party and the ticketsale will follow in a few days. Please hold your ticket-questions until then. :)
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Demo The Gathering 2004 logocompo! d'arcy | 08.01.04

Easter 2004 is drawing closer, and as the last five TGs that means it's time for the annual logo-competition! Battle it out with your friends to create that "killer" TG logo and win two (2) tickets to the party! (the tickets will be available to you through Partyticket so you can arrange to sit with your friends!)

For more information and rules, checkout the link below.
[Read more]
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pink Preparing for The Gathering 2004 d'arcy | 21.12.03

We're turning the corner of 2003 and are working hard on the next big thing - The Gathering 2004. Many rumors have been spreading across IRC and other channels and here is some general information:

Location: It will be held at The Vikingship as it has been since 1996.

Crew: We are currently accepting applications for crew memberships, so head over to our crew-database, to apply.

Tickets: The tickets will be available for sale in a matter of weeks. Don't worry, we'll be sure to let you know in good time before the sales begin.

Competitions: We are preparing for many great competitions, demoscene and game-related, so stay tuned for more information.

New web: The TG04 website will premiére in january, carrying all the information you could possibly need to attend The Gathering.

We, the TG crew, wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year.
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EC parliament passes electronic patent law d'arcy | 25.09.03

It is with some concern that we observe that the EC parliament now has passed a bill partially allowing for the patent of computer software. We know there are many views on this subject, but we also know that there are many people out there that have not followed this issue and might want to read up on what it's all about and why it is important that everyone makes up their mind about this law. There are some that accept the need for such a law to protect their investment, but there are also many that feel that software patenting is a dangerous step back for innovation and creativity.

To read more about software patents in Europe, please follow the link below.
[FFII: Software Patents in Europe]

Demo Prize-information update! d'arcy | 05.05.03

Our initial plan to pay/send out the prizes to all the lucky winners of The Gathering 2003 between the 10th and 30th of May have been a tad delayed, and we apologize to the patient ones who have been waiting for their prizes. We will send out general information to all of the winners who registered their info correctly in Zepo (demo and game-winners alike) so *make sure* that you have got your correct contact-information (name, adress, phone-number etc.) listed in Partyticket. If everything goes as planned, all of you will have recieved your prizes by this the end of next week.
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Lost and found d'arcy | 24.04.03

Did you lose something at The Gathering? Considering the amount of stuff we found after the party you probably did. If you want to check with us if we found it, send a mail to with a good description of what you lost. "blue sleepingbag with orange inlays" won't really do, you have to be specific. :)

Help us get better (and win a prize! :) d'arcy | 20.04.03

We've put together a short survey that we hope you'll answer. It's only a matter of weeks before we start to think about next years party and it's important for us to know what you think about what you've just experienced. Take our survey to help us make TG better!
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pink The Gathering 2003 is over! d'arcy | 21.04.03

Wow! What a party! We hope everyone enjoyed themselves at what we think has been the best The Gathering ever! The people, the compos, the atmosphere, the network, the concerts, the whole TG-experience.. We would like to thank everyone for attending the party and hope to see you again next year!

(This website will be continously updated, among other things; with a survey so that we can get your opinions about the event, we just have to get some sleep first :)
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Counter Strike Cease and Desist Pål Eivind Jacobsen Nes | 22.04.03

Our recent post about nuking most likely set off some Echelon triggers. With the additional shouting of "Arne Akhbar", the ever present "TERRORISTS WIN" and of course the BB-gun shoot-outs, we should reach top priority in Pentagon soon.

We've also seen the use of advanced laser technology to hinder the display of urban propaganda, also known as demos. This will most certainly have an impact on their decision.

Unless you want Vikingskipet to be invaded by ET's from New Haven, Connecticut, you should stop doing most of the above till next year.

This will be my last whining post this year:) Thanks to everyone that helped this become the smoothest TG ever. See you all (at least some of you) at TG04.
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TG03 Get some sleep! d'arcy | 20.04.03

Ok, we know it's the last night and everything, but WE NEED YOU TO SLEEP! This is really important, even if you're not driving. If you insist on staying up, then please keep the noise down.

Deadlines today: 12:00 - Net is taken down. 14:00 - Power reactor shutdown. 16:00 - Gates closing, everybody out.

Game Casemod competition! prinz | 18.04.03

Here are the results. Congrats to the winners.
[The results]

pink Hiquality music available Concrete | 19.04.03

The top 14 Hiquality music contributions have just been played at the stage. The rest of the contributions are now available - AND VOTABLE - at Go to Zepo and vote for your favourite!
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To All You Wannabe-Hackers Out There Pål Eivind Jacobsen Nes | 19.04.03

First of all. Nuking != Hacking. Rather, nuking is considered lameness - the sort of thing that applies to people who shout out "Arne" with their puny voices.

(1337 translation : newkrz r l4m3455 n00bz)

Anyways. If you nuke, you will be thrown out. A boot up your lower rear abdomen may apply. Batteries not included.

Game Protecting your computer d'arcy | 19.04.03

Some people at TG are having problems with hackers, here is a little guide how to protect your computer.
[read more]

pink How do we pay out our cool prizes? d'arcy | 19.04.03

We've recieved many questions about how the prize-money will be paid out. If your prize consists entirely or partly of cash, that part will be transferred to you via bank, after the party is over. It will be transferred to the account-number registered in Zepo by the person who uploaded the contribution. This also goes for the game-compos, but here it is the person who registered the team to play.

In the event that your prize also contains hardware or other goodies, you will recieve this during the prize ceremony or, if it isn't in stock, it will be sent to your Zepo/PTN-address. We do it this way because previous experiences with other methods have proved to be ineffective and inaccurate.

So; upload your contribution yourself and make sure you have registered the correct information in the Zepo-system!
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Nuke Attacks on Windows Computers Pål Eivind Jacobsen Nes | 18.04.03

Several computers have been attacked by malicious morons. They attack using a known bug in the SMB, or file sharing, implementation on Windows. The concequences are dire, often resulting in BSOD and restart. Download the patches from the links below.


Game Download the tracked music entries! d'arcy | 17.04.03

The contributions from the tracked music competitions are now ready for download at They are in Ogg Vorbis-format, a royalty-free format for audio-compression and can be played in any player that supports it. If all you get is complete silence or the casual error-message, you'll need the Ogg Vorbis-codec which can be downloaded here.

When you've made up you your mind about what song that deserves to win, you head over to Zepo to vote!
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TGT The Gathering Television streaming! d'arcy | 17.04.03

The Gathering Television has now streaming servers available for everyone! You can reach the servers at (internal), or (external)

If you want to send tips and ideas, please use
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Game Harlem d'arcy | 17.04.03

Normal browsing through "Network Neighborhood" will not work due to limitations in the SMB protocol and the complexity of this network. if you want to browse the network, use harlem instead

Qube Star Office 6 Pål Eivind Jacobsen Nes | 17.04.03

Sun Microsystems are giving away a full, yet free, version of StarOffice 6 to all TG03-attendees. Check it out.
Sun Microsystems deler ut en gratis fullversjon av Star Office 6 til alle deltagere på TG03. Absolutt verdt en titt.
[StarOffice Download]

pink Sleeping areas Pål Eivind Jacobsen Nes | 17.04.03

We see that several of you already have started creating small nests where you lay down to sleep. That is all swell and dandy, BUT! - You are only allowed to sleep on the grandstands and near the walls.
NO sleeping under tables. You have been warned;)


Selv om det er fristende så er det forbudt å sove under bordene. All soving skal foregå på tribunene eller inntil veggene. Overtredelse medfører vekking og stress for å finne ny plass.

Scene Awards Awards soon upon us d'arcy | 13.04.03

It's been almost a year in the planning and in one week the Awards will be held in Germany. The Gathering is a proud sponsor of this great event and wishes that everyone interrested in the scene to take a look at the nominees at the Awards-site, now also showing the award statue for the first time. We will also host high-quality recordings of the ceremony here at the TG website when it is over.
Note! If you want to take a look at some of the nominees, you can find them in our gallery.
[scene awards]

Game Recycling-lottery! d'arcy | 10.04.03

Want to win nice prizes by giving away your garbage? Like last year, we will have a recycling-lottery at TG, but this year there will be added a new way of getting tickets. This year you'll get tickets by delivering your bottles, cans and even garbage for recycling!
[read more]
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Game Microsoft mobile challenge d'arcy | 01.04.03

Microsoft is a proud sponsor of the Gathering 2003, and since this year's event focuses on creativity, knowledge and creation, we would like to invite you to participate in the Microsoft Mobility Challenge. Show your programming talents and make an application for the Microsoft Pocket PC 2002, or design the best theme/homescreen for the Microsoft Smartphone. The best contribution in each class will be rewarded with a QTEK 1010 Pocket PC Phone Edition. This compo will start now and end during the party (exact date/time TBA). All the tools and information you need is available from Microsoft, just follow the link! NOTE: You do not have to be present at TG03 to attend this competition.
[compo page] Questions regarding this post?

    basic info
  What: TG04
When: 7th of April - 11th of April 2004
Where: The Vikingship, Hamar, Norway
Tickets: 02.02.04
Ticketprice: 570 NOK + PTN fee
    random sweets
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thermo plastique
thermo plastique by inf

Party: TG 2002
Rank: 1st
Platform: Windows
size: 8,9 mb - download

live evil
liveevil by mandula

Party: Assembly 2000
Rank: 11th
Platform: Windows
size: 6.9 mb - download

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